Sunday, August 6, 2017


Not sure why, but Heart's song, Alone, kept playing over and over in my head, as I was driven to the airport in Penang this morning...  

Well, maybe it was because I was alone. Yes, my fourth baby was dropped off at boarding school with her brothers this last week. Yes, it was hard, but I also know it will get easier everyday. 

I also know this, and some people may not agree with me, but that's ok... I know that ultimately God has a perfect plan for everyone. I trust Him. And because of that, it makes leaving a little easier. I am truly at peace with this decision.

Sure, I don't get to see my kids each and everyday, but I'm also not fighting with them as can happen with parents of teenagers. When we are together we have a great time catching up and it's more meaningful. Plus we have technology!  Technology has made it so easy to keep in touch and "see" them everyday if we so choose. 

Yes it is quite odd traveling with only one passport and one ticket, but many more trips I will take like this.  I am very lucky in the fact that I can go see the three youngest kids pretty much whenever I want...  Now seeing Marz this next year... that's another story altogether...  But a story for another post.

Our life, our family dynamics, are changing once again, as everyones does.  But we are no different than the next family... (Well, maybe not the family whose 30 year old is living in their parents basement... At least I pray that doesn't happen... ;))  The kids grow up, they move out.  Ours just happened to do it a few years a head of schedule!!  Who knew they were overachievers?!?!?  LOL!!!

PS  So if anyone of you who have read this post and see me in an airport in the future, come up and say hi...
I may be alone, but not lonely. :D

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