Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween: Well Sort Of...

With all of the flight disruptions during the month of October, and not many people in who would partake in the Halloween party, the official Halloween party is postponed until the middle of November. But thankfully a friend decided to get a group of people together to have dinner. It was suggested to wear a mask or a little something to dinner. 

I have discovered in my old age that it can never be just "a little something" for me. The jungle has brought out my creative juices in many different ways that I really never knew existed!  

I didn't want to go in our original costumes because we still need them for the postponed Halloween party and Chris wasn't accompanying me anyway (He had to go to a farewell.), so I came up with a cheap easy "mask". 

I must say I am pretty impressed with my drawing/painting abilities. 
The rest of the outfit is black jeans, shirt, and heels. Pretty easy in my wardrobe. :)

I couldn't help myself, I had to play with a few of the photo apps on my phone. 

I also was asked by a friend of mine, Katt, to do her Cat makeup. 

The whole dinner party. Photos curtesy of Sandy and Katt, I believe...

Last but not least, all the "girls"!  We are sure purrrrty!  :)

Between my hair and my shoes, I grew 10 inches in one day. Happy to report, I have shrunk back to normal size today! :D

International Day

Yup, I got one photo!  At least it turned out... ;)

Redpath Stampede 2015

This is one of my favorite parties we have on site. Why?  I have no idea.... But it's always a fun night!  

Being from cowboy country, I have to go all out!  It's always fun finding a costume to wear. First I had to extend my skirt... It just wasn't appropriate....  Thanks Stormy and Diane!

Chris and I have had these shirts, in the closet, waiting to be used for over a year!  Last year, there was no Stampede, so finally this year we got to wear them. USA all the way!! ;)

Two matching couples. We aren't the only weird ones. ;)

Now this years theme was "Cowboys and Aliens". So I had to dress up my pet alien... She was adorable!! :)

Oh yeah, we were smoking HOT!! :D

UN Day at School

This post is a few weeks late, but it was our first UN Day at school. Yah, I am not a huge fan of the UN, but because we are American, we went all out... As Americans do!  We, Jody and I, made the principal cringe a time or two... But it was all in fun... ;)

USA!  USA!  USA!!!
If you look closely, you will see a picture of the playboy bunny between me and the principal. The poster behind us is a collage of many things created in the US. Not kidding, first question asked of the day by a 5th grader, was "What's the bunny?"  I mean really!!  All the junk we have on displayed and that's what you pull from there?!?!  My answer... "Ummmm, it's a toy....!!" ;). Too funny!!  

Gav in Chris' authentic Army uniform!

Australia, USA, Ghana

My favorite protest sign!

And last but not least "Calamity Jody". ;)

Jody and I pulled it together, we did an awesome job, if I do say so myself!  

BTW...  This was a great lesson in never challenge two very creative American minds, Mr. James! :D

Marz in Taiwan

One of the awesome opportunities Mersades has had from attending bording school is to travel to the varsity ACSC (Asian Christian Schools Conference) tournaments. She has now
been to the Philippines, missed Hong Kong because of knee surgery, and last week, Taiwan. 

Airport play time. Don't know if they were coming or going...

Last weeks games. 

Can you tell she plays middle hitter? ;)

Watching a game, from Tembagapura, while drinking a cup of joe. 

Bracket play. 

All dressed up...

Patiently waiting for her second place medal. 

The team. 

Not sure who is all in this photo...

Great experience for the girls and a job well done!

I can't wait for February!!  I get to go watch Marz play in the ACSC basketball tournament at Dalat!  I guess it's just one of the perks of being an Ibu. ;)

October Break w/ Teddy

After all he traveling hassles, we did manage to spend a bit of time with Teddy. It's always fun to have him around and rediscover his personality. 

Teddy's break started by him flying to Singapore on his own! First time ever!!  It's about an hour and 20 minute flight, so not too bad and no changing planes. He flew to Singapore to meet Chris because Chris was there for a checkup on his shoulder, and they were going to fly back to site together.  
Dad met Ted at the airport. 

First things first, get Ted some food!!  No, dessert was not first! ;)

Then for some reason, the boys thought they needed to go shopping before they flew out. Odd choice of stores... ;)

I think that bag will make mommy very happy! lol!

Finally after being delayed for three days (read my previous blog post) Teddy and Chris make it to Timika. Because it's late afternoon and no choppers are flying, Ted gets his first, and probably only taste, of riding in the armored car. 

They are home!  They are home!!!!!

Ted was suppose to arrive on his 16th birthday...  We celebrated it a few days late. :)

Bumming around... The boys look cold!  It's like 60 degrees! 

Dinner and watching Marz play volleyball from Taiwan. 

The highlight of the week for the boys was spending the morning underground with dad!

And then school break was over...  It was so great to see Ted even if it was a few days short... But soooooo thankful for those few days!!  

Now on the countdown to Christmas...