Saturday, April 4, 2015

Barbed Wire

We just couldn't settle for one "gimp" on this vacation, Teddy thought he should make it two!  

They were out playing with the waves in the ocean and Ted thought he should slam the bottom of his foot in to a piece of blackened barbed wire!  

Thankfully there is an ISOS just "down the road" (about 30+ minutes in lovely traffic). So Chris loaded Ted up in a cab and took Ted in to see a doctor. 

After two hours of cleaning and digging out the puncture wound, Ted was released with two oral antibiotics, one topical antibiotic, and a big ole nice shot... In the shoulder. ;). Ha ha, you thought I was going to write "rear end". Believe me, that's what I wanted to write! ;)

Poor guy was exhausted the next day...

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Just Bali...

I love saying that!  When people ask what are you doing for break, I love answering "Just Bali..."  Like who says that?? ;)

Bali is an easy place for all of us to meet and hang out. It's a 3 hour plane ride from Timika and about 4 total flight hours from Penang for Marz and Ted. So we decided for this school break that we would rent a villa and so we could all be together in one place, or living area, and not three hotel rooms. 

I think I found an ok place. ;)

Unfortunately, we have a visitor that I am not liking at all!  Gavin spotted a snake as he was walking in the villa one day. I am also sad to report that all the "snake hunters" did not find what they were looking for. :(

Random pics from the last few days...

We also met up with some good friends, at a water park, who haven't seen Marz for two years and Ted for almost a year. Why I didn't get a picture of everyone together, I do not know... :(. 

At Waterbom:

Since Marz is still healing up from knee surgery, she brought homework along. :)

After the water park, we took the kids to Bubba Gump Shrimp. First time for everyone... It was also the first time the kids had ever seen the movie, Forrest Gump. We really need to revisit that movie. 

Today is more doing a lot of nothing. Chris is taking a couple kids surfing and I will take the two "cripples" (yes, two cripples... It will be reveled in the next post) shopping or something... Hopefully Chris can bring us back some surf photos. :)

"Just Bali", it's not so bad. ;D