Monday, August 25, 2014

My 16th Tifa!

Or drum in the English language. I LOVE these things. 

Tonight Pak Frengky surprised me with this Azmat drum!  I was so excited and am very thankful for his thoughtfulness!  

Here is Frengky, his daughter, me and my drum!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Marz and Ted's 1st Week

Is seems to us that the kids are settling in just fine at school. They had a busy first week which included a Dalat open house and bowling. I am also very excited to report that Marz and Ted both made the volleyball teams!!  Marz made varsity and Ted made junior varsity!  This momma couldn't be happier!!  I just hope I will be able to get to Penang to see a game or two this year!

Bowling teams

All dorm photo. The Zimmer's are in the Ziemer dorm! ;)

Ted practicing his setting. The giant has "soft" hands!  Who would of thought? ;)

Marz the Attacker! 

Have no idea what this picture is about. Looks like fun though... ;)

Missin my "babies"! ;)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

1st Day Of School

The 1st day of school came three days late for Marz and Ted but on time for Gav and Gab. It will probably take me countless hours of therapy for Marz to get over missing three day, but she will prevail!! ;)

Off To Penang!

...without luggage!!!

Yup, that's right for the first time in all our travels, our luggage has been "lost"!  Or more accurately, left behind...
But we prevailed.... 

So Teddy, Marz and I left for Penang Saturday without luggage. Thank goodness for Chris staying in Bali an extra day!  The luggage came and then he sent it off to Penang. By Sunday late afternoon we finally had our clothes AND all the stuff for Teddy for school. 

Saying good bye at the hotel. Only a few tears. ;)

Summer Catch Up: July

So July was way busier than June!  The time flew way too fast!

The Recap:

First up!  The tonsils needed to come out!  Lucky them!

At the carney with cousins. Notice Marz and Ted didn't make he picture. They were so swollen up like chipmunks, they didn't want that piece of history made!  

Gabby was the volunteer. She was rethinking her choice at this point in the box of "knives"!


Driving the most awesome truck ever made, the S-10!

At the beach... The lake Oahe beach. No we did not make the sand castle!

And more fishing...

The blokes form a land down under, the Bray's, came for a visit.  G'day mate!


And more fishing...

Treasure hunting!  You guys are good! ;)

And more...

Chris made it to Texas!

Semi-pro game in Alpine. Ted and Tristin we chosen to be bat boys!  Lucky them!!

Hiking in the heat!

The Zimmer 7

And even more fishing!

Goodness, I am tired!!  I think I need a vacation!! ;)

Summer Catch Up

Everyone has been telling me that I haven't put anything on the blog lately. I say to them, I haven't done anything lately!  But as I am sitting at the hair salon in Bali, I look back at all the pictures I took over the summer and if that is "not doing much", then I would hate to be busy!!  Here is a recap of ALL, or at least most, of the summer!

Our land.


Marz driving!!

Teddy passed his test!  Now two drivers!

Dad with his girls. I had a hat on because it was cold and because Marz did this beehive thingy to my hair!

Of course cards!

Gabby fulfilling a dream!  Yah I know, she sets her sights HIGH! ;)

Fish fry at the Family Reunion. 

All the blondes... Well, most of them...

Boys and their new guns. 

More fishing... Only this time with the Pro's who were staying at the lodge. Lucky boys!

Hanging with Grandpa. 

Pool at the bar. Oh the horror...!!!

And that was just June!!

Next up, July... After I catch my breath!