Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Not Just Your Usual Field Trip!

Recently the boys went on a "field" trip to the Bali Green School.  Yes, a field trip to Bali!  You know, most 6th, 7th, and 8th graders go to the post office or maybe even Mount Rushmore, if you live in South Dakota, but not our boys, they go to Bali for the weekend!  Like most boys, they don't really say much about the trip, but I believe they had a great time!  Here are all the pictures from a friend who went along for the ride. :)

A Cutie and Her Puppy

The other day a friend and I were out walking and there was this little girl with a cute little puppy. We smiled, said hi, and walked on by. Then I had this thought that I should tho back and take a picture, so I did. We walked back to take the picture and then showed the picture to the little gal. The little girl got the biggest smile on her face after seeing herself!  It was probably the first time she had ever seen a picture of what she looked like! :)
Cute little thing. ;)

sure wish I had a picture of her looking at her picture with her big smile. Next time! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy 47th PTFI!

This last weekend was B.U.S.Y!  The company celebrated it's 47th anniversary, but I am not really sure what that date means. Anniversary of which date in your history??  Anyway, I was a very busy weekend!
To kick off the celebration, the departments put together a "mine expo". They are very creative here, and the departments came up with many great booths. But after it was all said and done,  the Underground came out on top with a first place win in the booth decorating contest!! Yahoo Underground!!!

Then there was the dance competition. I have no idea who won that, but the Undergroung girls did a great job!

That night, there was a birthday celebration at the sport hall. With cake and everything!!  The cake would be on the right and Chris on the left.  ...just incase you missed the guy with the big bushy beard! ;)

To finish off the night, an Indonesia group, Letto, performed for us. Never have heard them before... 

They did an ok job. I will say I had to go to the hospital after the concert because the music was so loud and the speaker malfunctioned, that I ruptured my ear drum!!! Oh My Goodness, it was loud!

Just kidding on the ruptured part. ;)


Happy Mother's Day!

So there are some things in life you is out on when you send your child off to boarding school at the age of 14, but I must say, I am not sure I would have received this poem if Marz would have been at home...  Enjoy, I sure did! :)

Once upon a time in a far away land
A princess who was kind at heart and gentle at hand
was swept off her feet by a big hairy miner man
And a big family she had
four kids in all; she thought is was grand
She baked yummy cookies and cleaned up our messes
She kisses all our booboos and dressed me in dresses
So thank you dear mama, thou art the best.
From princess to mom to retiring PTA president (Congrats)


Love and miss you,


And we can't forget the rest...

I love being a mom!  Best job in the world!! :)