Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving for us this year was quite different for our family. Chris, Mersades, and Teddy were in Singapore on a visa run so Marz and Ted could get back in to Indonesia at Christmas time. Gav, Gabs, and I were in Tembagapura keeping the home fires burning. Actually we could have gone to Sungapore, but that's just more missed school for the younger two. :). 
Anyway, even though our immediate family was split apart for the holiday, we, Gav, Gab, and I, had our Tembagapura family to celebrate with. 

Chris, Marz, and Ted, may not have had a surrogate family to spend the day with, but they had each other. The kids hadn't seen Chris since August, when they left for school. So they spent the day shopping where Chris had a fun time spoiling the two oldest!

To round off the day of shopping, Chris and the kids went looking for a place to eat and found Chili's. In the words of Chris, "At least it's American!" ;)

So this is the new "norm" for us. We may not all be together to celebrate Thanksgiving, but we all can still be thankful for so many things!  I am very thankful for extended families, for all the opportunities we have, and for those times when we can all be back together!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Feel Blessed! xo 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beautiful Morning!

First time I have ever sat on my upper balcony. Beautiful morning... My feet are warm! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another Teenager!!

Happy 13th Birthday Gavin!!!

Well, we do anything really different for Gav's birthday than past years... Dinner at the Lupe with his two best buddies!
Here are the pictures... 

Wow!  Three teenagers in the family!! :)