Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We are fixed... The Croc Post.

For all of those who read the blog, I just wanted you to know that the Australia Zoo post is fixed!  The wonders of a 1st world country and their Internet!

Heading back to the jungle in a few hours.  Hopefully it won't take me until the next time we hit civilization to make a post!

Gotta go... 


Sorry all that it has taken me so long to get something up on the blog.  I have not been able to upload any pictures in Tembagapura, probably because of the slow Internet connection, so I waited until I got back to civilization to update the blog.  We are currently in Cairns for another round of orthodontists appointments, and heading back today.  So I better get in gear and get something on here...... Or, I may not have any "fans" left! ;)

Not a lot has been happening with the family other than Chris working, the kids going to school, and Me, well everyone knows I just play all day!  I finally found time in my very busy schedule to go with a friend down to Banti (a native village out side of Tembag).  Every Tuesday she goes down to the hospital to play with the kids who are in the hospital, who have "minor" illnesses.  I figured it would be a fun thing for me to do, and who knows, I may get to hold a baby or two!! :)

Here are the kids, (And their moms... The moms stay with the kids in the hospital.) waiting for us to get all the toys out.

The Lego's were a huge hit!

Here is my buddy, who loved to play catch!

This little girl was just in with her mom visiting a friend.

This little boy was malnourished.  Let me tell you though, he could kick that soccer ball like no ones business!

As I was taking pictures, this little boy just popped up with a huge smile on his face, and posed for the camera.

Time for clean up.... My buddy was a big helper!

This picture was taken as we were leaving the hospital. 

These are the most valuable things in the village.  Pigs!!!  If you hit a pig and kill it, or just kill it in general, the pigs value is around $1000 USD!!!  The killing of pigs, have started many a wars!  A friend of ours, who lived here when he was Mersades age, said that one of the Chiefs offered something like 15 pigs, to his dad, in trade for his mom!!  His mom has beautiful red hair, so she is very valuable.  Blond hair isn't quite as valuable, but close.  Hmmmm, makes me wonder how many pigs I am worth???? :)

What a great experience I had going to Banti.  I am hoping to repeat it once a week, or once every other week.  I couldn't go the last time I was suppose to go because I was sick.  Not a good thing for me or for them.  So we will try next week, and hope for the best.

Until next time... Remember to count your blessings!  :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Question:  You know what the definition of INSANITY is....???? 

Answer:  Doing the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and (you get the picture...) again and expecting different results!

Well, the "Australia Zoo" post, I have been trying to get that uploaded since December 2010!!!  I have rewritten it many times.... because it didn't save.  I thought I had deleted the whole post.... but it still showed up in my "saved" posts.  I have tried to get the spacing right between the pictures many, many times.  And finally.... What you see below, is what finally posted!!  What a MESS!!

I have no idea if it is our very crummy internet connection, or if something is going on with, and blogger won't let me post from another country.  So in about 10 days, the kids and I head back to Australia for orthodontists appointments, and I will try to "touch up" the Australia Zoo post.

Until then, you will just have to deal with it being a mess.... And so will I. 

Speaking of the blog being a mess, did anyone see that the "A Bugsy's Life" banner is gone??  Yup, don't know where it went!  I have also designed two new banners to put in it's place, but for some reason they won't upload either.  So I guess I will just have to wait until I get back to civilization....

Until then.... the insane Bug is checking out for the night.  Maybe a sane Bug will wake up in the morning and get to some new posts.

The Insanity is getting me nowhere!

Australia Zoo... CRIKEY!

When the kids were younger, we would watch "Crocodile Hunter" every Saturday morning as a family, and then watch it every other time we saw it was on TV. To say the least, we were HUGE fans! We were also all a little sad when we found out our favorite snake and crocodile wrangler died. Saturday mornings were not going to be the same!

So when we were telling the kids that we were looking at moving to Indonesia, we were getting them excited by telling them of all the places we could take them because of our awesome travel allowance. The one place that got them really excited was Australia Zoo!

So the day after Christmas, the reality of seeing Steve Irwin's Zoo came to be for all of us. We were super excited!
When we got to the information desk where you signed up for a private tour, Robert Irwin was standing there.  (He is the little guy with the white blond hair.)
(I am finally in civilization and can fix this post!!!)

We then went to the Crocasium to watch the feeding of the crocodiles.  Bindi was the first act in the show.  She fed the elephants then did five of her musical numbers for the crowd. 

Because it was during the school break in Australia, the Irwin family was at the zoo.  Teri had family in from the states, so the VIP area was pretty full.  Wes was also there. :)

After the bird and reptile show, the Irwin family came out to feed the crocs!
Wes is the one in the water.

Teri feeding the crocodile.

Bindi taking her turn.

Because we couldn't see these famous crocs, I took a picture of the sign.  They were hiding underwater.

Kids in front of Steve.

Having some fun with dad! :)

In the kangaroo area, we all got to feed the kangaroo's and even saw a few joey's.

Dad didn't feed the kangaroos.  He just held the umbrellas.

This building is "Steve's Lair" from the Crocodile Hunter: Croc Files show.  It was cool to see in person what we have always seen on TV.

This was Steve's tree house.  Many times on the show he swung off this and into the river below.

Mersades and her favorite animal.

The Irwin's.  I believe a local made this and dedicated it after the death of Steve.

The Australia Zoo was AWESOME!  It had always been a dream of ours to go and see it when the kids were younger. (Like they are way old now! ha ha)  It was also a little sad being there and knowing that our favorite croc hunter is no longer here.  We will always remember our Saturday mornings, sitting on the couch in the living room, watching Steve's show as a family.  This was definitely one of the best highlights of our Christmas vacation in Australia!
Croc's Rule!