Saturday, January 23, 2016

Gav, Zedd, and Jarrison

Three boys who came together because of a small mining town in western Papua and made a friendship that will last!  

Gav moved to Tembag in 2010, Zedd in 2011, and Jarrison in 2012. 

Gav had a very interesting year his first year with "friends". They were actually nonexistent... Although he had many boys in his class at the time, they were not very nice at all!  They told Gav on multiple occasions that they didn't want to play with him, they just wanted to play with their "old" friends. Well one thing you learn fast when you move to Tembag is that Tembag has a revolving door and nobody stays here forever!  People come and go as do friends...  Thankfully Gav had his brother Ted to get him through that very hard first year. Then Zedd came!

Zedd and Gav became natural friends. Gav was so happy that he wasn't the new kids in his class and remembered what his first year was like, so he befriended Zedd right away!  They have been best buddies since!

Then the strike of 2011 happened... This really sent home a lot of people who couldn't get through that rough time. Thankfully for Gav, it also sent home a lot of those boys who were not kind. Then along came Jarrison...

Now with the way the mining world works, Zedd and Jarrison knew each other before Tembag. One would wonder if adding a third boy to the mix would work or would Jarrison and Zedd go back to life from before... The "old" friends crowd...  Thankfully for all involved, the boys all became great friends and have built a friendship that will continue for a life time!

So why am I writing this post today? Well today a new chapter starts in these boy's life! 

Zedd and Jarrison left for bording school!  

And now, Gav is stuck in Tembag until June when we go home for the summer and then he goes to bording school in August. The boy's lives are changing, but one thing I know for sure, is that their friendships won't!

Best of everything boys! xoxo

A history in photos:

A long time ago....

A year or two ago...

More recent times...

And one last "crazy"!

Love you boys!!