Monday, May 31, 2010

Mersades Australia Class Trip

Here are the pictures from Mersades trip to Australia. She is going to fill in the information, but for now, I am just going to post the pictures so I can post some other events that have been happening. Hopefully Mersades can comment on the pictures in the next few days. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Watch Out Sarah Palin.....

Guess who is the next treasurer of the MZIS PTA??? Yup, you guessed it..... ME!!! If Sarah Palin can become a VPOTUS candidate.... that's Vice President of the United States..... for those of you in Rio Linda..... by starting out as the president of her PTA, then I should be looking at what, in my future??? The Secretary of the Treasury??? Well, I am not sure I have taken enough math and economics classes for that...... actually I am not sure I have taken enough for PTA Treasurer.... But you have to start somewhere!

So here is the Secretary of the United Stated Treasury, 2030....

I guess I will be going now. I need to go figure out the difference between Dollars and Rupiah!
Have a wonderful day/night!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My 1st Place Bra!

One Friday night I attended "Passionately Pink for the Cure". This was my first ever breast cancer awareness event, and I was excited to go. Plus it was a night out with the "girls"! And it was a night to raise money for breast cancer awareness! One of the great things about the company that Chris works for, is that they have an awesome matching program for charities. So the Ladies of Tembagapura got all dressed up and were ready to party! So after four hours of fun, these are the pictures I brought back with me...

Here is my table with all the pretty ladies! One of the requirements was that you had to wear some form of pink........... Yes, can you believe I had pink in my closet!! I wasn't turned away for those of you who were concerned... :-)
The room at the Lupe was awesomely pink!
The Papua Queen's performing for the ladies...
There were many raffle items..... none of which I won..... boo hoo.... But there was a "Bra-Down" decorating contest, and Guess What???? I Won!!! YIPPEE!!! Can any one pick out the winning bra???
Here it is! The winning Bra....

Everything on the bra was found here in Tembag with the exception of the beads and the stuff that I used to make the pink breast cancer awareness ribbons! And of course the bra....
Here are a few of the Papuan Queens modeling the bras.
Me with my bra model and my prize. I won a pink pearl necklace and bracelet. How exciting!
It was a great night of fun. I have not heard how much money we raised. But I am sure the ladies of Tembag did ourselves proud!!! Organizing something like this here in the jungle is quite an accomplishment in itself. So fantastic job the the Papuan Queens and all their effort!! Excellent job!
Patiently waiting for the next "Bra-Down",

Monday, May 10, 2010

Elementary School Dance

Well, here we are again.... In this world of fairness, since the Middle school had a dance, by then all means, the Elementary school needs a dance. So this time we are playing beauty shop on Gabriell's hair and putting on her favorite "pretty" dress...... Boys, just go get dressed, and make sure its clean, and make sure there are no holes, and brush your hair....... Oh wait, you have no hair!
So here we are ready to go.
If any are wondering what happened to Teddy's face, he kissed the cement floor while playing some form of basketball with a football! I should have taken a closeup picture. I am surprised he didn't break his nose!
So here we are at the dance. The kids are all getting their instructions and rules. A very good thing since the age ranges are three years to ten years.
Gabby found her buddies, Blaire and Reagan. Two of the four girls of the "S" family. (leaving out last names)
Teddy and his buddies. They weren't afraid to get out and dance..... Give them a few years...
Gabs and Reagan... I think trying to do YMCA... always a favorite.
Mr. Gavin... More horsing around then dancing... Strike a pose, buddy!
Gabby and her favorite boy in all the school, Matt. Yes, Matt is a little old to attend the dance, but unlike the Middle school dance, if you had a younger sibling in Elementary school, you were encouraged to come and help out. So Matt made Gabby's night by being there.
Another of the "S" girls... Ruby. Boy, was she cutting a rug! (Ted's in the background)
Hmmmm, where is Gavin? Playing.... not dancing!
Had to throw this picture in... The dad's.... "Excuse me Gentlemen, what's in the cups you are holding?"
The next four pictures are of my boys, and the "S" girls. I think there may be some competition here! Who's heart will be broken???? Two boys.... but FOUR girls!
Teddy and Reagan.... My Teddy, you so strong!
Teddy and Paige...
Gavin and Blaire.... Blaire is definitely Gavin's favorite!
And last but not least...... Ruby and..... What? Chris??? I thought he was mine? Boo Hoo. I have lost him to a younger lady... :-( I guess it was MY heart....
So I should have said... THREE boys to FOUR girls.... Oh well, at least she is cute! :-)
Actually, here is Daddy and his little girl.... Gabby looks so happy!
Teddy was MIA for this picture.... It was an end to a very fun night! Sheesh Gavin, I wonder where you get your picture taking abilities from?? ....Hmmm, YOUR DAD??!!
We had a very fun night. The kids were exhausted by the time we got home... So, early to bed... YEAH!
Dancing our tails off,
PS I just want everyone to know that this will be my last post until I get my camera back! You see, Mersades took it with her to Australia this last week. Hopefully she will have many picture for me to put on the blog. And looking at the cloudy sky this morning, I am praying that she will be able to get up the mountain this morning. Everyone is so excited to see her!
God's Blessings to you all!