Friday, February 10, 2012

Friend's Birthday Party

Today I had a birthday party for two of my dear friends, Michelle and Donna.  The ladies showed up for some "Band Hero" and cards.  .....And of course food and cake!!

Here is the "Rock Star" cake and then Michelle and Donna with their cake...

The ladies playing and dancing to YMCA.

Enough of that... I tired them out... :)  Now on to cards...
So Happy Birthday Donna and Michelle!!  It was a fun, great Ibu day!
Who says life is hard in the jungle? ;)

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Waterfall Hike

A week ago, the whole family and friends of ours, went for a Saturday morning stroll in the jungle.  It was your typical walk in the park.... NOT! ;)  It was a intense hike up a river and through the jungle to get to the waterfall!  We started at an elevation of 6200 ft and ended at approximately 8000 ft!  It was my first time but everyone else in the family had done it before.  This was the starting point.  You can't even see the waterfall from here!

Not very far into the hike we had to use ropes to help us up a very steep part.  Marz is taking her turn...

 Will and Lex

Are we there yet???  Me and my best bud!

Getting closer...

Chris and I had to stop and take a photo.... or maybe rest... :D

Finally....!!!!  Everyone taking a break and having a snack to eat.
After I got up to the top, I walked back down the Mt. a bit to take this picture of everyone.  Not sure why I didn't take it on the way up??? I think it was lack of oxygen to the brain! :)
Gabby testing out how close she could get to the waterfall.  It was quite windy and cold at the base.  She didn't make it in too far!
But then there is Teddy.... He must have sweated on the climb up.  He needed a shower!
This next picture is looking back down the mountain from the base of the waterfall.  You can't even see Tembagapura!

Time for family pictures...  And then start the slippery hike down!

Back down the mountain now....  Here is looking back up to where we were.  Notice how the clouds have moved in from the first picture?

And here is where we started compared to where town is...
It was a great 3 1/2 hour "walk in the park"! ;)  The kids had a blast and so did the adults!  I have wanted to do this for awhile but it just never had worked out.  I am also glad that my best bud's family was where to enjoy the morning with us.  A special shout out to another good friend of ours, Steve!  He was a great help getting all the kids up and down the mountain safely!  Espically Gabby! 
Until next time...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Taste Of What's To Come...

This is what we did last weekend. I will not be able to post the rest of the pictures until tomorrow (because I have such a busy social schedule...) :D ... but I will try to get the rest of the pictures on here soon! :) Have a great day!