Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Farmer Ted

Today is the day Teddy has been waiting for since he has been of legal age to drive!  Ted gets to cut hay!! Well really it's oats for hay, but he has been wanting to do this forever. Farmer Teddy... Maybe the start of his future work. :)

Love this photo from Aunt Raquel!

Here Uncle Quintin had to give Ted a few pointers on turning. I guess Ted turned a bit too tight.  

Ted figured it out with Q's help but Q had to stand by and watch for just a bit. :)

Lunch time!  But farmer Ted had to come fetch it. I am not walking out there with all the snakes and me in flip flops! ;). Sorry buddy, you'll have to come get your own lunch! :)

A kid in Heaven!  Ted is loving life right now. :)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Schlomer Wedding

Finally, after approximately a five year wait, my second cousin, Jon, married his sweetheart Shelby!  There is nothing in this world quite like a Schlomer wedding!  We had one of those this weekend and people cam from near and far for the party...  Something like 400 people!!  

The church wedding service was wonderful!  It is always so magical when a church full of singers join in song.  It is truly one of my favorite parts of Schlomers getting together.  God has blessed our familly with lots of amazing voices.  The service itself was short and sweet and to the point.

After the service, we were on to the party... which is really why most people attend these things. ;)

The party was held at Jon's parents place.  They set a tent up in their farm yard to block everyone from the scorching sun and 30 mile an hour wind.  Nothing new for those of us from South Dakota. 

Because my dad's hunting lodge has a bus big enough for the wedding party, he was put in charge of driving the party around.  Great job Pheasant Cove Outfitters!

The very fashionable bus driver.

Waiting for the wedding party to come out of the bus.  Marz, Ted, and Gav with their cousin Jacob.

Getting a picture to send to dad.  Missed him at the party! :)

Jon and Shelby making their entrance.

Hessy and me.

Neices Brooke and Avery waiting patiently for the food to be served.

The girls with niece Autumn.
There sure are some pretty girls in this family!! ;)

Marz.... What on earth... ?!?!? :D

Brother Shannon and his wife Lynette

We can no longer call these the "little kids".  They have graduated to the "teenagers".  They were patiently waiting in line for food.

This was my first "boyfriend" ever!!  Cousin Mikey.  I was always, and still am his "girly friend."  Mike is Jon's dad.

Now it's really time for the party to get started!

The girls out on the dance floor.

You can kind of see on the right side of the picture that the boys finally made it out.  It took a little bit of persuasion... ;)

We found the photo booth...  oh, and my glasses!!  I was blind without them. ;)

My two sister's-in-law and me!  We were smoking! ;)

Back to "normal"... Hmmm, not sure which is better... ;)

I promise, I wasn't drinking... the light was soooooo bright! And I could only get Gav to pose for one photo!  I missed my shot! :(

Q-1 as the official bartender

Cousin Love... they found the photo booth... well maybe I forced them, just a teeny weeny bit. :)

Dad and Me

Gabby and the Groom.  She was in HEAVEN!

Now you know the party is good when this happens.... Q-1, you were suppose to serve the drinks, not have a drink out of every drink served!!

And then it was midnight and the chariot turned back in to a pumpkin... so I took mom and dad home.  ..

This was another new milestone for the family, I left all the kids at the party and had them drive themselves home... Ted was also a designated driver for my brother.  They are growing up!  

Wake mommy up when you get home....

Mom, we're home... what time is it?  ...2 o'clock...

I thnk they had fun... :)

God's Blessings Jon and Shelby!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Returning Home... Chris

Today, Chris heads back to the jungle for the 7th time!  It's always bittersweet...  Three weeks just isn't long enough to stuff everything in that you put off or have drempt of doing for the last ten months.  Yet we always look forward to returning home to our house in the jungle. 

Until August...

Bismarck, ND airport. 

Safe travels!  Love you! xo

Now, what do I do with myself for the next 24 hours... ALL BY MYSELF!?!?!

My friend Stormy says I should go shopping for diamonds... LOL!! :D

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shooting With Dad

Yes, we teach our kids, even the girls, how to shoot and handle big, bad, scary, firearms. Shooting is an important skill for anyone to learn, but more important is the teaching of how to handle guns. 

Chris' time in the US is coming to an end, so he wanted to get Marz out shooting before his time was up. 

I should really have Chris or Mersades by me while I am writing this... They could tell the story better than I. :)

Chris' surprise 40th birthday present. That was a few years ago... ;)

That gun looks good on you Marz!

Not bad for little practice. 
Update:  Marz told me the truth, and her target is the one on the right! LOL!!!

Oh no!!! The Big Bad one...  An AR-15!!

I completely forgot you were a left handed shooter!!

After all that shooting, they had to go replenish a teenagers body at DQ. Only Marz would order a salad! :P

Hope you had a fun memorable day with Dad! xo