Monday, January 23, 2017

Basketball Teddy

Here are some pictures of Teddy and his basketball team I took off Dalat's Facebook...  From what I hear Ted's been playing well and improving.  He tells me he's put in the game to rebound. :)  It's great to see the pictures as I don't get to see him play all that often.  Every now and then, I will catch a game that is streamed on the Internet.  Thank goodness for the Internet no matter how slow it is!! :)  I will get to travel to Penang in a few weeks and will be able to see Ted play in the big ACSC tournament that will be held at Dalat this year!  I'm very thankful for that!!

Enjoy the photos!

Both the boys and girls varsity teams.

Ted in action!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Inauguration Celebration

We had a little "Trump is President" celebration at the house.  I dressed up for it...  Unfortunately you can't see my boots or guns and I forgot to hold my bible in the pic.  Truly a deplorable!! ;)

I even decorated with flags all over the place and used my red white and blue Jenggala.  I just didn't take any pictures!! :(

Danella honored Trump by wearing orange...  Good thing she's an Aussie!! :D

The Australian, Canadian, and American all meet in one place...  Trump's already bringing the world together! :D

Come on Trump, do us proud!!!  Looking forward to the next four years!!  

Another Farewell

It never gets any easier, you just learn how to deal with it better.  Once again, we have to say farewell to one of the kid's friends.  Erinee left this weekend to start her boarding school years in Australia.  She will do very well and will be missed.

Gabby and Erinee have been friends for the last five years, ever since Erinee moved to site.  The girls have had many great memories together.  I can't find any pictures of the two of them together, in the early years, but what I have found are very sweet memories. :)

Waiting for the school bus together.

Erinee and her family came to visit us in South Dakota one summer and we introduced them to S'mores.

UN Day at school.

Indonesia Independence celebrations

Concert, Tembag style.

All the pretty princesses!  Halloween 2016

These next photos were given to me be my friend Franny.  This was Erinee farewell at school this last week.  Gabby did well telling a story about some of their shenanigans around town.  Very proud of these two as they held it together!

Good luck with your new school Erinee!  You will do well!  This is not good bye, but see you next time!

God Bless You Sweet Girl!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Manik Hair - Bali

This post is for all the ladies looking to move to site.

Yes, we have a salon.  And they do a great job with dark hair... Usually... But if you are a blonde or any color of hair and are looking for a great place to get your hair done or pretty much any type of salon services, Manik in Bali is the place to go!  I've been going for almost as long as we have lived over here and have never been disappointed!

Today Gabby and I went before we headed back to Tembag.  Once again Patrick did an excellent job on my hair!  He was also a great sport in "coloring" Gabby's hair! ;D 

Don't worry Marz, boys, and mom.... It washes out with one shampooing!  Dad wasn't even phased! ;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Seven Years!!

That’s how long it’s been since packing up the family and leaving Wyoming, USA, to move to Indonesia! I know I keep saying this, but I just truly can’t believe how much time has passed!

Because today marks the seven year anniversary of us arriving on this crazy adventure in Indonesia,  I thought I would take the time to look back through the 20,000 photos, I kid you not!!, to find one family photo from each of the years we have been here.

Well, that was a complete failure BECAUSE, as I was looking through all the photos, on a flight from Bali to Kuala Lumpur, I just couldn't pick one from each of the years!  There were too many good ones and too many memories to pass up!

Before I post, I think around 40 photos, I will tell you that the only criteria I had, when picking out the photos, was that all six of us had to be in the picture.  Yah, so approximately only 40 out of 20,000 photos!!  I'm not sure what that means... but do enjoy. ;)  I know I did!  Even brought a few tears to the eyes... ;)

Another note:  I was pleasantly surprised to find pictures on my hard drive from 2014!  I didn’t think I had any because I didn’t think I had backed up my computer that was stolen back in August.  I probably didn’t back up that computer and what happened was I probably needed to make room on my computer for iTunes movies, so I moved the 2014 pics to the hard drive!  I am so pleased with myself!! ;)

Here we go...

2009: Just before the kids and I left the US.  Chris was already in Indonesia.

2010:  Arrived in Tembagapura 







As you can see, the kids have grown up so much in the last seven years!  I too have grown up and have learned many things.  I have learned to rely on friends that have become family.  I've learned how to say goodbye sooooo many times!  Too many times actually...  Goodbye to places we have seen, friends that we have come to know well, who have become our forever family, and goodbye especially to our children.  I'm not sure it gets any easier putting them on a plane back to school, like we did today, but I have also learned how to accept it.  I guess it's all part of the process...

2017 is going to be an interesting year.  Marz will graduate from High School and return to the US for college.  Chris and I will send our baby to boarding school and become "empty nesters".  I will probably do more traveling than I have ever wanted, just so I can see my babies and I may become a little psycho at some point, so friends and family, bear with me. ;) But all in all, it will be good...

People keep asking us how much longer do we have here.  The truth of it is, we have no idea.  We would like to do a few more years in Indo, but we will leave it all in God's hands, because that's the best place to leave it.  He knows what's best for us and for our family.

So for now, we will keep riding the wave... keep trusting that what we are doing is right and good.

God bless you all! xo