Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Independence Day Concert

There is always a concert to finish off the celebrations, so Gabby asked if she and a few of her friends could go. Of course they needed a chaperone, so a couple of my friends also joined!

I have no idea who the bands were, but in true Indonesian fashion, they were very very LOUD!

The girls walking with their body guards to the concert. 

They met up with some schoolmates. 

We were closer, but the music was so loud it was throwing my heart into irregular rhythms!  So the "old ladies" left the girls and moved back!

I tried to get Narelle a pic of her dancing with the Papuan children that she knows from volunteering at the dorms. It's a bad pic. ;)

The "cool" moms!

This "cool" mom couldn't get a selfi to work, so we finally asked someone... ;)

And.... We made it till about 8!  LOL!  All I'm going to say is that it was a school night!! 😉

Independent Day 2016

Another year, another Indonesia Independence Day celebration. 

This year we weren't quite as busy as last, so I don't have as many pictures. But as always, Chris and I had to play dress up!

A couple friends at the flag raising ceremony. 

Gabby and the school kids did a traditional Papuan dance. Sorry the pics are not that great...

Up close and personal with Gabby and her friend, dressed as Papuans. 

After the flag raising ceremony, we were allowed to go home. No other activities were scheduled, this year, until dinner that night. 

The ladies and me. Had to get a pic of us all dressed up and out of our sneakers. ;)

Another year under our belts. Until 2017... :)

Break In!

I don't have any pictures of this next event, but just want to write it down so when I am 80 and looking back on our time here, I have something that will jog my memory... Although, I'm not sure one could ever forget that your house was broken into!!!

We had only been back to site for three days. It was the first day of school. Gabby and a friend walked down to the shops to meet me after school. They ate a snack while I grocery shopped. When they were finished, we walked home to our house. I needed to take Gabby's passport up to HR for them to transfer her KITAS to her new passport. So I unlocked the door for the girls and turned around and headed out the door. 

It's about a five minute walk up to HR from the house. When I got up there I get a text from Gabby asking where her iPad was. I was busy talking, so I just ignored it. Then I get a text "And why is your bedroom door locked?"

Our bedroom door is never locked so I started to get suspicious. I interrupted the conversation to call Gabby. If my suspicions were correct, my computer would probably not be where I left it that morning. 

Called Gabby... 
Me: "Go see if my computer is sitting by the TV." 
Gabby: "Nope." 
Me: "Ah crap!  I think someone broke in to the house! I'm coming home."

Called security as I was walking home, so we both arrived at the same time. 

I get home and Gabby and her friend tell me that they heard someone walking upstairs. So we think this guy is still in the house! 

Unfortunately, after having the house surrounded for five minutes, it became very clear that the guy had gotten out between the time I called Gabby and my walking around the corner when our house came into view. The guy was no longer in the house. 

Our house is now swarming with security, so I go inside to see what kind of damage was done. :(

The guy grabbed every small electronic he could find. He went through every drawer, handbag, wallet, and backpack we had upstairs!  He also grabbed pretty much every piece of jewelry I had in my bedroom!  He was in there for quite some time!

Thankfully, I am a natural procrastinator and the ladies pulled me into cards, because if that wouldn't have happened, I would have unpacked my carry on and all my very very good jewelry would have been gone!!  Moral of the story... There is some good in everything! ;)

Thankfully no one was hurt and everything is replaceable... Well except for the pictures I had on my computer... I hadn't backed it up for a while...  Another lesson learned. :)

So that's the story for the record books.
Insurance claim in done. Now it's time to go shopping! :D

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Having Fun With Dad

After we left the three oldest kids in Malaysia, Chris, Gabby and I spent four days in Bali being bums before we returned to site for Gabby to start her new school year. 

My favorite thing to do in Bali is go to Jari Menari, Dancing Fingers in English. They give the best massages I have ever had!  So while I was there, Chris and Gabby decided to spend some time at Waterbom. 

They had a great time hanging out and Chris definitely spoiled Gabby! ;). I guess you can do that when you only have one kid left at home... Sorry Malaysia kiddos! ;)

Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day of School 2016!

So this happened three weeks ago for our boarding school kids and two weeks ago for Gabby!

I'm not sure if I am just getting used to it, or I know Gavin is well looked after by his big sister and brother, but I did ok with leaving him in Penang.  No tears from mommy!  I believed it also helped that Gavin was so ready to go and expand his wings. 

This is also a big year for Marz as she is now a senior!!  One year left of high school for her!  Time is just going by too fast!!

Mersades - Senior!!
Teddy - Junior
Gavin - Freshman

This is also a big year for Gabby!  The only one left at home. I think she feels it the most. She did tell me one day that it was even better being picked on by Gavin than being the only child! :)

Gabby - 7th grade