Friday, September 23, 2016

Redpath Stampede 2016!

East Meets West!

Never a disappointment, alway such a fun night! 

There's not much new to say... It was a night of dancing and drinking, well of course not me with the drinking... I wish... 😉
My pictures. 

Danella's pictures:

Leaving on a jet plane now... Heading to Las Vegas Baby!! Will write more Next internet chance I get... Hopefully... 😉

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Marz is 18!!

We have an official adult in our family!!!  That sounds bad... Chris and I are adults!! Start over....

Marz is officially and adult!!  She turned 18 on September 14th. Yah, I'm a little behind...  

She can now officially buy cigarettes and lottery tickets but most importantly of all, she can VOTE!!

Gabs and I flew out to Penang to celebrate the big day with her!  My plan was to surprise her with a cake made by me... Oh, I did make the cake, but it wasn't a surprise.... Some little birdie told her. 😉

I got back in my cake mode, I've been gone from that for quite a while, but I think the cake turned out ok... 😉

Photo compliments of Uncle Craig. 

Our 18 year old. 

And Marz are it up!!  We had a pizza party followed by cake, with the dorm kids. About ten minutes after cake, Marz says to me she is going to puke!! Really?!?! Was my cake that bad?!?! 😉

So we went back to her room and I get a good look at her. Marz has hives all over her chest, around her mouth and creeping up her neck!  What the heck?!?!

I go and get her dorm mom and the school nurse. They ask me what she is allergic to... I say nothing that I know of.... So the nurse gives her Benadryl and Marz lays down. I am sitting there, rubbing her back, and going through my mind all the ingredients one by one.  What could she have eaten because it's not like she hasn't eaten Dominos pizza or my cake a thousand times!!??

When I got to the coloring ingredients of the cake, I started to laugh and laugh!!!  Marz looks at me like I am a loon!

Mars is allergic to RED FOOD COLORING!!!  I had completely forgotten that small fact!!

The crazy thing is that what cake she ate had the yellow icing on it, but she took one swipe of my pink icing, and boom!! She was down for the count!  

Thank you Benadryl!! You saved the night!

I really am a good mom!! LOL!! 😏

The time spent with the kids is always special. They are turning into adults... I am shrinking...  But life is awesome!