Friday, January 17, 2014

Days With Marz

I took Marz back to school this last week.  For the grandparents, here are some of her best shots from the last week. :)

Last walk around Tembag. 

Mom and Marz waiting for the chopper. 

Highlands chopper pad. 

Lowlands chopper pad. 

Braids in... Bali. 

Braids out... Penang. She didn't last as long as her sister...

Dinner with most of her dorm sisters and brothers. My last night in Penang. 

I am sure one day she will appreciate the photos I posted of her. Just like one day I will appreciate that my kids can actually smile for the camera! ;)

Love to you all!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

4 Years

"How time flies..."  Everyone says it, but until we moved here four years ago, I really didn't understand it or "see" it. 

As I was going back through the blog, the first time in 4 years, I saw that I used to write a lot more about our experiences and what living on the mountain is like.  I will try to get back in to that this year. :)

The biggest change, obviously, is how much the kids have changed and grown! The other major change was sending Mersades off to boarding school!  I knew the first one would happen, but we really never expected the second. We actually were the parents (mostly US parents) who say we will NEVER do that!  Never say never...  In the US boarding schools are reserved for the very wealthy, or kids who are "troubled", for the most part. I know there are exceptions...  So far, Mersades is loving school and thriving!  Teddy cannot wait to get there in August!  

For the most part, we are all really enjoying life. It's not all candy and cookies, but no matter where you live, it's never going to be. There are many frustrations but there are many great and different opportunities from being an expat. So we will stay put until the Good Lord closes this door. Many people ask when we plan to move back to the US, or how long are we going to be here. Well my answer now is, "Honestly, who knows??"  And I am not even sad to say it. ;)

We will always miss our family and friends from the US. But we actually see some of our family way, way more often this way than if we lived in the states.  This does always make for June to be a special and exciting time in our lives. Can't wait to step foot back on US soil!

Chris had seen lots of changes with his job in the last four years. He started off as a Gen. Sup. of Engineering of one of the underground mines and is now running they whole underground. He is a hard and dedicated worker and loves his job!  

I have become a travel agent. I am always looking for the best deals and easiest way to fly to where ever we are going. Whether it's to get back to the US or to go see Marz at school, you get done with one trip, you start booking another.  For those who don't know, this happens because we live in the middle of NOWHERE!!  ;)

The worst part of traveling is trying to get off the mountain. We still ride in a helicopter, weather permitting, but now we have a bus (protected) that can get us down the same day as our flight. We no longer have many days waiting at the Rimba before we fly out. Once you are down in Timika, you have a huge sigh of relief. You are down the mountain and off on the next adventure!!

Most people think being an expat means you are living such a glamorous life style. I just want you all to know I am sitting in a freezing cold airport, at 2:30 in the morning, to take my daughter back to boarding school!  A glamorous life to me would be sleeping all snuggled in to bed right about now! ;)

Anyway, it's about time to catch our flight so I should close....  We have a great life! But truly, I had a great life in Sundance WY. I have learned itdoesn't matter where you live, or what you are doing, all that matters is your attitude and you perspective in life.  

One more thing...  Here is what we looked like 4 years ago. It was our last Sunday at church in Spearfish.

And here is what we looked like New Years Eve, 2013. 

I am pretty sure I have shrunk!! ;D

Take care my family and friends!  Love you all!