Thursday, March 1, 2018

Track Meet - Gavin

I don't have a lot of info other than Gav had a track meet today.  Dalat competed against three other schools.  Gavin took home 1st place in the discus and 4th place in shot put!  Congratulations Gavin!!

Thank you Teddy for being a good brother and taking these videos for your Mommy! :D

Saturday, February 24, 2018

ACSC Taiwan - Day 4

Last day of games.  Last games of Tedd's high school career.  Bittersweet but happy that we could be in Taiwan to watch Ted play!

Starting the morning off, with a pic of Ted, mom and dad before boarding the big pink bus.  We don't have too many of these, so always nice to get.

First game of the day...  If we lose this, we will be out of the tournament...

Coach giving the boys a "come on boys, this is it" pep talk.

Our partial Dalat cheering section.  There were three others, but we were spread out throughout the gym.  That gym was very small!  I had to stand on the bleachers throughout the whole game just so I could see most of the court.  I will say, God knows what He's doing by having me be a boarding mom.  These games are hard to watch, stay quite, and keep the heart rate at anything other than heart attack level!!  lol!! :D

AND THEN!!! We finally had a win!!  So we got to play a second game ... playing for 5th place... AND THEN....

We lost...... I have no pictures of the second game of the day other than this one of the coaches son and me.  He's a little card and it would not surprise me if one day he plays college basketball!  I did finally get him to admit that I was a better basketball player than Teddy because I can do a reverse layup. That was a very hard thing for him to do.  He LOVES Teddy!! :D  I think his jaw dropped to the floor when he saw me do one!

Dalat's Team

The Seniors.

Then it was on to the award ceremony for the boys and after we met up with Ted and a friend.

Ted was trying to call Mars and they answered!!! :D

Trying to get a good pic and I had no willing volunteers to help me get a pic in front of the sign.  Taichung was the city we stayed in and where Morrison's school was located.

Ted and his buddy Trevor

Mom, Ted, and Dad.  Our final pic of the trip.

Now we are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight back to Indonesia...

So thankful that I was able to spend this time with Ted and watching him play.  Three months of high school left!  It's going to go fast! xo

Friday, February 23, 2018

ACSC Taiwan - Day 3

Day Three... more of the last two days.  That's about all there is to say.  

The boys lost another two games yesterday.  They started the first game of the day with all the normal starters, but that's about all.  That didn't last long...  Teddy did play both games.  He is heel is better but you can tell it's still bothering him.  Here he is warming up for the first game of the day.

The second game of the day... This game was actually a close one.  They lost only by three points.

Unfortunately, this game also gave us two more injured players!!  Thankfully one was just a Charlie horse.  The other we are waiting to hear about... It was a hard fall on the knee cap.  Nothing broken, but I believe the player felt a bit of movement.  Can we just be healthy people?? 

By the way... These two injuries happened within 30 seconds of each other!! Goodness!

Finally the beatings were over and we took the boys out for dinner.  TGI Fridays was the restaurant of choice.  The boys had a great meal and didn't seem too down in their spirits.

And that was all she wrote for Day Three.  Back to the hotel we went in the pink bus.  Today we play again at 9:00.  The best we can do at this point of the tournament is 5th place.  If we win at 9 we play again at 12.  If not, we are finished...

Come on boys!!  Let's win our last two!! :D

Thursday, February 22, 2018

ACSC Taiwan - Day 2

Day Two of the tournament went about as well as Day One.  Dalat's team is rife with injuries.  Teddy was out the first two games with his Achilles.  Another starter, Jeremy, injured his ankle is the second game on the first day.  So needless to say, Dalat had an upward battle on day two.

Since we rode the team's pink Hello Kitty bus to the school with the boys, we were quite early to the games.  So while the boys were warming up for game one of day two, Chris got out his handy dandy global communications device and started talking mining and Papua with one of the other dads.

Teddy warming up... There's hope that he may get to play.  His heel is feeling a bit better...

Chatting it up with coach..... and.... then.... nope.  A no go on the first game of the day. :(

The start of game two...

And Teddy Bear gets to play!! Finally!  :D

Well, since I don't think I posted the scores from the first day, lets just say Dalat is far from undefeated! lol!  Their win loss record is 0-4! :(

After the games for the day we hop on the pink magic bus and take the boys to an all you can eat buffet, Taiwan style.

These next few pictures are from my Indonesian friend Juni because, can you believe, I did not take a single one in the restaurant!!

After the boys stuffed themselves, we hopped back on the bus and headed to the hotel.  It was time to put these tired boys to bed.

Coaches and Dads

The boys always sat at the back of the bus.  They loved all the pinkness! ;)

Day Two over... Time to put this momma to bed. :D

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

ACSC Taiwan - Day 1

We are in Taiwan for Teddy’s last basketball tournament of High School. It’s the much anticipated ACSC (Asia Christian Schools Conference) tournament. There are seven teams, from Christian Schools, that compete from all over South East Asia. 

I flew into Taiwan from Malaysia, after spending a few days with the other kids, Tuesday. Chris flew in late last night... (Wednesday)

The tournament is is a combination of pool play, the first two days, and then bracket play, the last two days. 

We are fortunate enough to be staying at the same hotel as the boys, so I got to have breakfast with Teddy the first morning. 

After breakfast the boys all gathered up to take the bus over to Morrison Academy, the host of this years tournament. 

Perfect set of wheels for the boys!!  Wish I had an inside pic. It’s ALL pink!! 😁

And then this is how the first day of the tournament went for Ted...  ON THE BENCH!! 🙄😬  He was limping yesterday morning when he met me at breakfast. It turns out he had a tight calf muscle which in turn made his Achilles very sore. It’s better today, so hopefully he can play... time will tell...

Then the excitement of the night... Night Markets Taiwan style. 

Me with two other moms from the team. Both from Indonesia. ☺️

Night markets in every country are pretty much the same. Wild food and knock offs of every kind. The food once again, did not disappoint! 


Not even sure what this all is...😳

More Oysters


More squid only cooked a different way. 

Oysters and shrimp

Teddy and his friend Yigal

Teddy Bear and his Mommy

I could not pass this picture up!! The line at the lady’s toilets in the McDonald’s!  Hopefully no one has to pee too badly!! 😂

The end of the night. Time to put these boys to bed. 

Game starting... time to watch. No time to proofread... will do that later. 

PS. Ted is not playing... at this point. 😔