Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Marz and Ted

I have a collection of pictures from school life that I want to get on the blog before this semester of school is over. It's hard to believe Marz is half way done with her Junior year!!  Before you know it, it will be summer and we will be looking for colleges!!

Marz and Ted with their Christmas Banquet dates. 

The one picture of Marz before she injured her knee again and is out until January... Good news though after a visit to her knee Dr., nothing torn!! She just needs more strength to continue to play. 

I had to ask them for a picture...

Dorm Retreat over Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving dinner. 

Decorating for Christmas 

Marz and her basketball team. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

UG Golf Tournament

Another year, another Undrground golf tournament. It's the biggest tournament of the year and it's always a huge success!

This year, I was pared with a father and  son from Australia and the President & COO of Freeport Indonesia.  The Aussie son, Toby, is a scratch player, so I had high high hopes of finally securing a 1st place win!  Unfortunately that was not to be as another scratch player and his team, snatched victory out of our hands! Oh well, there's always next year!

I had someone snap this picture of the father son duo at a pre game party. Maybe this is why we only placed second...  Frank should have been scared!

The day started out with a down pouring of rain on and off. I think it finally finished after the first 9 holes. The nice thing about the rain is it kept the course cool. For the last nine holes, the sun came out and it got steamy!  We finished the 18 holes with a score of 66. Not good enough for first, but good enough for second. :). 

"Next year we will get them mate!"

18th hole!



Next year by golly mate, I will get that 1st place!!  Guess I should get practicing!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Halloween 2015 - Kids

Gabby went as half angel/half devil. 

Gavin went as a jock. Yes, real creative Gavin!

Chris and I dropped the kids off at their party and then we went to get a massage. Good parenting, I know! ;)

That's all she wrote!

Halloween 2015

Only a few weeks late...  Not this post, the party!  As with everything, you always have to adjust your life to fit the craziness. 

Because of all the flight disruptions a few weeks ago, the Lupe decided to postpone Halloween. ...because we can do that in the jungle. ;)

So our costumes came in... Mine was already here... But everyone made the most of the night. 

Can you guess what we went as?

Another clue... Yah, a dead giveaway if you can read... ;)

Loving all the tattoos!

Yup, me and my baby sitter!  Or a play on words "robbing the cradle". 

Here are some of the other costumes of the night. 

Best male costume. All I am going to say is eweeeeeeee!! ;)

Best female. 

"Robin" was a very bad influence!! :)

Always fun times in the jungle!! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Basketball Season Starter

Teddy had his first basketball game of the season. Guess they won by one!  Guess Teddy made the winning shot!! Yeah Teddy (and the guy who passed him the ball)!!!

Not that I have not been told this by my son... He has informed his daddy and forgot to tell his momma!  But I found pictures of him on the Dalat Athletics web page... and here they are:

Love this shot! :)
Update:  Teddy informed me that this shot was the winning point!  :)

Looking good Teddy Bear!! xo

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Fourteen years ago....
What a little cutie...
Just really can't believe it...
My baby boy!

Not much has changed. ;)

Of course birthday dinner at the Lupe. 

Can't believe I forgot to take a pic of the three Amigos!  When I get to school today... Stay tuned! :)

Happy Birthday Gav!!  Love you much!! xoxo

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dressing Up... Again!

This time we are playing dress up for the Melbourne Cup. This is probably my least favorite, well maybe not least favorite, event on site. It's only because it requires a dress... And I am not really a fan of them. :). But because the Australians put a lot of time and energy into organizing the day, it's always nice to support the effort! 

So I went shopping for a hat and shoes, earlier last month, to go with a dress I already had. Yes mom, I had a dress in my closet! ;) The hat showed up, but the shoes... Well let's just say it is a good thing I have plenty! ;)

Arriving at the Lupe. 

Official sign. 


American girls. Yah, we are SMOKING!

Me and my buddy Stormy. Took us a long time to take a serious picture. :)

Finally! :) After about 20!!

Love this one!

And in true Indonesian fashion...  My shoes arrived!!!  Only 6 hours late!