Saturday, July 29, 2017

Living Large

Some people believe that when we travel, we travel First Class all the way.  Well, this is indeed not true.  Last night we camped out in the HKG airport instead of getting a ridiculous priced hotel for a few hours.  This is the second year in a row we have done this.  It's almost like camping in the woods... almost... ;)

Summer 2017 - Recap

As I boarded the plane in Bismarck, North Dakota, July 27th, to take the three younger kids to school in Malaysia, I thought to myself "How on earth is the summer gone already???"

Then I looked at all the pictures on my phone and understood how/why it went by so fast!

Enjoy the bazillion pictures.... ;)

For some reason, I didn't get pictures from our first "event".  Hessy's 2nd birthday party!!  Maybe it was because were were fresh off the plane and a bit jet lagged!! ;)

Our first visitor!  Stormy!  An amazing woman and a very dear friend!  You don't get them any better than her!!

My first attempt at making Margaritas without help.  Major fail!!

I did just about kill her!!  Or maybe that was my dad... hmmm.... ;)

Marz landed her first job.

Did some fishing... But only ate it ONE time!!  Sheesh!

Gabby donated her hair to Locks Of Love.  

Father's Day!

Catechism Camp.  The kids got to reconnect with he pastor who baptized them!

While the kids were at CAT camp, I drove to Wyoming to see my Grandma and catch up with aunts and uncles and cousins.

I also took a little trip down memory lane and visited some places from when Chris and I first met...


First lived...

And don't forget this!! 

Then it was the 4th of July.  Always a busy time at home and one of the most fun.

Copious amounts of time with cousins!

Copious amounts of time with my parents and siblings!  

All five of us together doesn't happen often.

A few major rain storms.  It took a while, but they finally came.

This rainbow actually came before the 70 mile an hour hail storm!

This was another storm at night... nothing like trying to take down a flag pole with lightening all around you!!

My brother and family came home and surprised our parents!

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary!!

My other "brother" sent my parents live lobster to celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary.

LOL!!  Chris loved it!! ;)

Marz's graduation party.

Chris' parents visited

All our Godchildren were home at the same time.  Just didn't get a pic of everyone together... 

Ted took a few Senior pictures before he had to shave the chops off.

And then Ted thought he needed to get sick the day before we left!!  Thankfully no kidney stones, as they had thought, just an infection of some sort...

And then some other misc....
Gav's gardening

Marz doing some yoga with Trump.

Don't ask, don't tell??? ;)

And last, but not least.... Some "killing"... ;)

Ok, I'm tired!  Time for the shower in HKG.  Next summer, I think I'm going on vacation!! LOL!! :D