Saturday, February 22, 2014

No More Crying!

Many women pay hundreds of dollars just to have a beautiful mane of blonde hair!  Gabs has the most beautiful hair!

Or should I say HAD...  Today, we decided to forget the tears and just chop it off!!  So we did...

Sorry "Locks of Love". I couldn't handle the tears! :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Night I Went Out Without My Phone

In the age of digital everything, it's very hard to become disconnected from all our gadgets. Chris is connected to his phone because of work, and I am connected to mine to keep track of kids schedules, travel arrangements, friends, photos, maps, blogging!, you name it. It's just hard to put the darn things down. 

This past week, we, along with many other Tembagger's, have been "stuck" out, in Singapore, for our yearly visa renewal. (It only took one week this year!!) :) So yesterday morning, I was communicating with our HR lady at site, trying to help get everyone's flights and hotels worked out. Chris was not impressed with my using my Global Communication Device while drinking a cup of coffee at breakfast.... So I got the "You can never do anything without that thing!"

To prove that we both CAN live without our GCD's, we left them at the hotel while we went out for dinner for our last night in Singapore. NEVER leave your GCD behind when you try something new!!!  I repeat, NEVER!!

We went with friends to a place called Carinivore's. This is no vegetarian fiesta. It's pure, 100% meat. All kinds of meat!! (In my normal blogging days, I would insert a photo here. )

At the restaurant, waiters would come out to the table carrying large steel skewers impaling hunks of meat!  They would go around and ask everyone at the table if they would like a carving of meat from that particular skewer. Now, they didn't use any knife to carve the meat.  They used a stainless steel sword, so sharp, it cut through the meat like a hot knife through butter. I asked the waiter if he had ever cut anyone. He said no, but said that some people have knicked themselves when trying to grab the cut pieces of meat by reaching to close to the blade. (Again, I would have inserted a picture here.) :)

The dinner was great!  If you went away from there hungry, it was you own fault. You could just gorge yourself on meat!

After the cost of the meal, we thought we would try to save 20 bucks and not take a cab back to the hotel. So we decided to take the MRT (subway) most of the way back... At least as close as we could get to the hotel. Only, Tour Guide Pat, didn't quite know where we needed to go to get on the MRT!  So we walked and we walked and we walked, in the opposite direction of the hotel, trying to find the MRT. The only thing good about being "lost" in Singapore, is that it's safe and the temperature that time of night is perfect!  Oh, and that we walked off some of the 5 billion calories we ate!  (Insert picture.  Oh that's right, I don't have any!  My GCD was back at the hotel!)

We finally found the MRT. Can I just say here that if I had my phone, I could have used Google Maps to find the closest MRT station.... :).  Anyway, I digress... We get our tickets and go to the big map to look at which way we should go. (If I had my phone with me, I would have taken a picture of the map so what's coming up wouldn't have happen!) 

Well Tour Guide Pat takes us the wrong way!!  We are headed out to the airport!!  Um Pat, that is not until tomorrow....  So we get off at the next stop and go back the way we came. We finall get off at the correct MRT stop and start the walk back to the hotel. 

Unfortunately we have been walking for an hour and... Teddy is hungry!!!!  Really!!! :)

So that is the story of The Night I Went Out Without My Phone. 

Lessons learned:
1.  If you are a blogger, always take your phone to someplace new. 

2.  If you are country bumpkins, take your phone, you may need the map in the city.

3.  A picture is worth a thousand words!

4.  Teddy is going to eat constantly for the next 10 years!  :)

On another note:
I am 35,000 feet above sea level, in an airplane, typing this post for the world or just my "fans", aka family, to read on my Global Communicating Device! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Cab Driving, Singapore

So if you are in a cab and an automated warning keeps telling the driver to "Drive Carefully", should you be afraid? :)

Should get off my phone... I am getting car sick!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Hunted

Teddy was teaching our friends son how to "hunt". Teddy was the deer...  

Z's trophy. :)