Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday, Teddy!

So, this post is about a week late... Sorry Teddy!

We got back from Manado on Monday, October 18th (which is Teddy's actual birthday) and have been running ever since. I guess better late than never.... right? :)

Here is the Birthday Boy with his "cake"!

We had some very awesome crepes with ice cream in Manado, so we tried to recreate them at the house. We fell very short of the mark, but Teddy loved them anyway!

Some good friends of our joined us for a spaghetti dinner to help celebrate....

So sorry for the late post, Teddy. Hope you had a great day, even though we were exhausted from traveling. (We were up at 1 am to get to the airport!)
Looking forward to your combined party with Gavin!
Three down, one to go!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sorry, but.....

... we are on vacation! :)

We are in Manado, Indonesia. The three oldest kids and Chris are learning to scuba dive. Gavin is done, because he is not old enough to get his PADI certification, but Mersades, Teddy, and Chris will be certified hopefully tomorrow.

I would post a few pictures, but I must have gotten too much sun at the pool yesterday, because I DELETED all the pictures on my camera! .... Of course it was an accident! So I will just have to recharge my battery on my camera and start over tomorrow. :)

So until next time when I can get pictures on my computer....

Selamat Malam!
aka (Good Night!)