Friday, February 26, 2016


When you live in the jungle in the mountains of Papua and get lots of rain, it is inevitable that landslides will happen! 

While we were in Malaysia, we had a few landslides happen. Thankfully no one was injured and doubly thankful that no one died!  It has been said that we received five inches of rain in two hours!

Today, Chris wanted to take me for a drive to show me some of the landslide areas. 

On the down hill side of this yard is where the next few pictures happened. 

A couple new deep voids out of the side of the mountain. 

Part of the mess on the other side of the road. 

Another void. 

I don't have the pictures, but there were many busses and LV's (the white trucks) abandoned on the road. It's a good thing as they were playing bumper cars with the debris. Again, thankfully, no one was hurt! :) 

Basketball In Malaysia

Marz and Ted had back to back basketball tournaments at Dalat, so we decided to take ten days and go watch the kids play... Finally!

The first weekend we were there, Ted had his tournament.  The boys played well and I saw a huge amount of improvement in Ted's basketball ability. We were told he will be one to watch in future Dalat games. :)

Good job Teddy and team!!  On to next year!

We then spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with the kids, going to church and the indoor trampolines, and of course eating!

Marz couldn't jump on the trampolines because she wanted to keep her knee well for her tournament the coming week. So she and dad had an enlightening conversation, I am sure! :)

Ted showing off his newly acquired talents. 

Valentine's dorm party. 

Dinner with Ted's roommate. We finally found a place that has the BEST burgers in Asia!!  They were soooooooo delicious!!

Once we discovered Gustos, we went back four more times!! Their breakfast was just as delicious as their burgers!

We also found this great Bulgarian restaurant. This was only one of the times we could all eat as a family!

Up next:  ACSA basketball tournament

Marz got a lot of playing time because Dalat was winning their games by 20+ points, so the bench got to see lots of playing time. 

We even have a cheerleader in the family!  Ted and his friends got the crowd going doing the wave!

Teddy also was part of the broadcast team. I believe he had to do it for one of his classes... Not really sure what that class was. ;). I know, good mom I am. :)

After each game the players would come over and thank the crowd. 

Unfortunately though, Dalat went undefeated until the last game, the Championship Game!  Tough loss for the girls. :(

Our last night in Penang we ordered pizza for the dorm kids, said good bye to Marz and Ted, and headed back to the hotel to pack for our early flight Sunday morning so Chris can be back at work Monday morning. :)

It was such a fun, busy ten days!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Very Late Post: Christmas Banquet

I figured I better get Marz and Ted's Christmas Banquet on the blog before they both graduate from High School!  So here it is...

Ted is on STUCO, student counsel something something, and was involved with the decorating for the nights events. 

Unfortunately, we do not have a picture with Ted and his date, but we do have one of Marz and hers. :)

Ted and his big sis...

The rest of the pics are from Ted and going ons of the night:

I actually believe this is Ted's date...the one in the blue. :)

This was a big night for Ted. Good job to you and your Student Counsel. :)