Monday, June 18, 2012

Swimming with Grandpa

After seeing the snakes, we went and cooled off at the local pool. I don't think the temperature was quite 100 degrees but it was close! Good ole south west Texas! ;)

Snake Celebration?!?

Yesterday after church, we went to a "snake fair" with Grandpa Zimmer. We were quite late, so this was the only snake we got to look at or even hold. You can tell that the kids who were holding it were quite happy! I was ok with leaving shortly after we got there! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Mexican Dinner

We had Chris' favorite Mexican dinner in Alpine tonight with his dad and Jean. Mmmm Mmmm!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Taking the Bus

The week before we were to chopper off the mountain, the late June weather moved in early! So instead of missing all of our flights back to the states, we opted to take the bus down the mountain! All I can say is sometimes people do desperate things because they get desperate! There was no way I was going to miss those planes!!! Thankfully we had a very uneventful trip down the Mt.! (Well except for that one guy who got off the bus and dropped his drawers right in front of me to relieve himself!)
Needless to say, my prayer life was very good that day! ;)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not a Computer Genius!

Yup, I am talking about me!  I know it's hard to believe.... ;)  I have people everyday asking me how to do this or that with their phones or whatever electronic device they have!  But really, I don't know much! ....I know how to check Facebook!! Ha Ha Ha!

Now, imagine my surprise when I start messing around with the "new" (I am going to bet they are not "new")  settings on my blog this morning and find all these comments!  Yup, a whole 56 comments out of almost 20,000 views!!  You are probably wondering where I get the 20,000 views when it says on my tracker about 12,000+ views...... Your right, I found that number on the "new" settings! I am guessing that is not a very good percentage... actually it's not even 1%!! .....0.0028% to be exact! ;) (I knew there were a few.... But I actually have that many comments!!!)

So I just wanted to take this time and tell all of you that have commented that I am sorry for not replying to your comments!  They are all very sweet and it is great to hear from all of you!  I really appreciate your taking the time to check out my blog!!

Now since I have been messing around this morning, wasting time on the "new" things, I need to get to work!  Packing!!!!  Only two days left and we chopper of this mountain and head back to the states!!!!! YIPPEE YEAH!!!!

Thanks again,


My Volleyball Team

This year I play volleyball on the Underground Olympic team. We had our first game tonight. Yes, we won! :) But now I leave in two days for the states, so no more VB this Olympics! Boo Hoo! :( I guess there is always next year. :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

School Play

Well I can even tell you the name of the play at this point... It's 5:30 in the morning and all the kids are still sleeping.  So we will just have to wait until one of them wakes up to get the correct title.  Until then, here's what I know...

In January, we got the most amazing music teacher to come and work at MZIS!!!  She is truly a gift!  She an a few of the other teachers from both schools (highlands and lowlands) wrote from scratch a this play!  They did made up the lines and picked out all the songs to go with the themes in the play.  The play is about a young boy who befriends, Miss Nancy (played by Marz), who lives in a retirement home.  The boy is told that Miss Nancy is losing her memory so he finds some of his most prized possessions and takes them to Miss Nancy to help her remember.  Here is Miss Nancy...
Teddy played one of the men at the retirement center... I also forget his name...  But he told a very scary story to the little boy...
Here are our two "Old Folks"... They should have taken their calcium when they were younger! ;)
Gavin and Gabrielle were part of the flashback scenes.  Gavin played a soldier... how fitting. :)  And Gabby played Miss Nancy's friend when whey were younger.  Here are all four of our thespians together...
The part of the play that really hit home for me was when the boys (Ted and Gavin) sang a song (can't remember the name of it either) about a boy who went to war and died...  I am telling you, that hit way way too close to home.  Not that I have ever know anyone who had died in war, but the thought that it could be the boys one day....  Tears were a rolling, that is for sure!! 

It was truly a great night and the best "End of school program" we have had since we have been here!!


PS  Over all, I truly think the play was written about me.... I can't remember a thing these days!!  Wait, who are those children and why am I writing this??? ;)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Written In Blood

A long, long time ago, when the kids would lose a tooth, I had them write their names on a piece of paper and set it by the glass of water with the tooth in it.  It keep me from throwing away the tooth before the "Tooth Fairy" came! (I have been know to do that!)  So the other night, Teddy thought he would get creative with the medium in which he wrote his name.... BLOOD! Boys will be boys! :D