Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Poem

So my dad has a little hobby. He writes poem whenever he feels the need. So I finally got my poem. Here it is:

Meathead said, "Let's go dear Bugs
Grab the kids, the dog, and rugs
We're off to Indonesia!"
Tell me why dear Lover Chris
When all our friends that we will miss
Wonder what's in Indonesia.
Mining for copper, silver, and gold
And adventures new, many untold
You'll love our Indonesia.
So loyal Robin grabbed the kids
Sold the house and shipped their threads
She has tickets to Indonesia.
Sometime in December Chris will leave
A wife and kids for up to three weeks
He'll be alone in Indonesia.
But too soon January will come
And five more lovelies will leave home
They'll be off to Indonesia.
Edith and Archie will anyway try
to keep a straight face and a dry eye
When they leave for Indonesia.
After a while when we miss them enough
Soft sandy beach and boiling white surf
We'll be together someplace in...
He is so talented! :-) Thank You dad! I will read it often.
Love You,

Random Pictures

Here are just a few things our family has been doing in the past few weeks. I wanted to get them on to the site before things really get busy!

Chris took the three youngest kids and a friend out turkey hunting this last weekend. Teddy has now shot his fifth turkey. What a lucky kid! Gavin and Gabrielle went along for the ride as I was gone to a wedding shower for my sister-in-law to be.
Gabrielle and Gavin got to hold the guns. How cute! :-) I guess Gabrielle enjoyed the outing so much... Chris said she really liked playing with the gut piles. GROSS!
We found out a couple of weeks ago that Gavin needed glasses. How cute does he look?
One of the things a friend of mine and I wanted to do before the big move was teach each other how to make our specialties. So Shelby taught me how to make bread/cinnamon rolls. And I taught Shelby how to decorate cakes. I think they both turned out!
Only two weeks to go before the packers come. Our house had not sold yet, so prayers are welcome!
Gods Blessings to All,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Much To Do... So Little Time!

Well, let's just start with... I have been a bit busy. Gavin's birthday was the 11th of this month and I am now just posting pictures. So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAVIN!!!
It was quite a simple party. All Gavin wanted was steak and chocolate ice cream on the day of his birthday and a sleepover with a couple of friends on the weekend. I must say Chris and I felt a little bad and a little low end that the poor kid didn't have a cake. But he wanted ice cream, so that's what he got. (And just for all you Grandparents out there, Gavin did get his hair cut a couple days ago...he really isn't turning into a hippie! I will post that picture maybe tomorrow, if I have time and the energy.)

So then Friday came and only one friend showed up. The other friend had a family obligation. Anyway, I asked Gavin if he wanted me to make him a cake for his sleep over. He finally agreed. What did he want? Not some fancy 3-D cake with all the bells and whistles, but a cupcake...NO icing...only sprinkles. Boy oh boy were my cake decorating skills put to the test with this kid! ;) So here Gavin is holding his cake...
The next day we had the great honor of watching Mersades play a little volleyball. Let's just say we sat on those nice comfortable bleachers for close to eight hours!!! But it was worth it as her team won FIRST PLACE!!! Good job Mersades. You sure do take after your mom!!!

The winning team.
This is Mersades and one of her good friends, Haley.
I was going to finish this post with an update on what is going on at the house, but am too tired and I am going to bed. I will update everyone hopefully in the next day or two.
God's Blessings to Everyone,