Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Happenings

There has been a lot of Christmas going on here!  

We first started with the school's play "The Grinch". Because of visa issues for our music teacher, we had parents step up and produce a wonderful play for our kids. 

So I was a bad mom and didn't get the kids in costume...  Gabby was the mom and Gav was her son in the Who Family. 

Then of course no Christmas party is complete until Santa and Mrs. Clause show up!

Chris thought he would give Santa's lap a try... Pretty sure he was being a bad boy! ;)

Mrs. Clause came and gave me a snuggle during dinner. She is just the sweetest!

And then Mr. Clause got a little jealous. So he had to have his picture taken as well.
It was a great family night out at the Lupe!

On to the next party...

Gabby was asked to do the opening for the big Freeport Christmas celebration. 


Well, this was a big post and I forgot to finish and upload.... So on to the next one!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

International Travelers

Who would have thought?!?!  

I sometimes sit back and think to myself how life is so different from 5 years ago. If someone would have told me that I would be sending my two young teenagers off to boarding school, in another country, I would have told them they were nuts!  If they would have told me that I would let them fly internationally all by themselves, I would have told them they were certifiably INSANE!  

Well, maybe I am the one that is insane!  Here are Marz and Ted flying from SIN to PEN all on their own!  Eeks!!

Dad taking a picture of them, from a distance, while they are waiting to go through immigration. 

They are so grown up! :)

How do I get through this, you may ask...  Well, I pray A LOT! 

Prayers for their safety while traveling and peace for this momma! :)


PS. I all fairness, I have already let Marz fly from PEN to Bali on her own... But that was so last school year! ;)