Friday, April 27, 2012

Future Husband???

For me? I think not! For Marz? I hope not! ;). Ha ha ha ha! Just kidding Grandma! On the serious side, this photo was taken at Hari Kartini on Wednesday. I can't post the video of our performance so this will have to do. :). Cheers!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Thunder Sisters: Practice...

In January, the school got a new music teacher.  Not only is she great with the kids, she is great with the adults!!!  Back in February, Ms. K decided she would get the expat women, who sit around all day and play cards, to try something new.  So she started to give drumming lessons to the ladies. 

Well we impressed her so much and were so good from the start that we challenged ourselves to perform at Hari Kartini (Kartini Day), which is tomorrow!!

Hari Kartini is a day in which the women of Indonesia celebrate Kartini and all she fought for.  For example Kartini fought to educate the girls/women of Indonesia.

Introducing......the "Thunder Sisters".  The below picture is of the drummers and the xylophone players.   
And then there is Lawrencia, me and our back-up singers.... The middle school girls...
Now I know it will be hard to differentiate who the middle school girls are from Lawrencia and me, but just so you know, Lawrencia is on the far right, and I am in the middle hiding behind the music stand!......  I am the one on the right.... the other one hiding behind the stand on the left, ... well I am not sure.... I think she looks like my daughter..... but how did she grow up so fast???  and.... NOOOOOO she is not taller than I am.... yet!!!  :D

So tomorrow we will perform.  We will do two songs.  The first song has everyone drumming and the second one has a bit of everything.  If I can, I will try and be brave and post a video of our performance. :)

Off to bed now so I can get some rest for my very precious voice!
Night Night,

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Little Gangster's

M and T had a birthday party to go to last night. The little gangsters had a great time. :) Nothing like dressing a 12 and 13 year old up with cigarettes and cigars. Teach them while they are young! :) ha ha ha ha ha

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Full Rainbow!

Yesterday I saw something I have never seen before.... A full rainbow circle around the sun!!  It was so cool!  The only thing that would have made this picture better would have been a United States flag! ;)
Now since I didn't have my high powered camera with a wide angle lense with me, I had to settle for my phones camera.  I could never get the whole circle in the picture. 

This next picture is an upside down rainbow... The red dots are just from the glare... No spaceship here! :)

Now if you go back and look at the first photo, you see a second circle... Well part of a second circle.  There were actually two full circles in the sky.  But again, my camera couldn't get both in the picture.
And last but not least, there is always someone there to document your every move!  A gal took a photo of me taking a photo.... Well I had to get to the lowest point possible to try and get the whole circle!! :D
God's creation is just AMAZING!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


So they came back to fix the wire.... I AM LUCKY TO BE ALIVE! To say the least, Chris was not impressed. He said he was "this close" to having to find a new wife! ... I was not impressed! ;)

Monday, April 16, 2012

We Don't Need No Stinking Power!

I hang up all my clothes to dry. Not the kids and Chris'. Just mine. So when you can't hang them outside to dry because it is never dry here, you have to modify the inside of your house. :) And when you live here you have to use everything and anything in your possession to make it work. So I had some outdoor plant hangers and a mop handle and made it work. Well the last screw, I mean the VERY LAST screw, I put in.... zzzzztttt ...ALL the power went out!

To be continued....

Continuing on... (I can only write so much when I use my phone to add a picture to the blog and I was using my phone because we have not had Internet for the last three days!)

So the power is out!  Yes out in the whole house!  I call Chris.  Thankfully he had just gotten up from the underground!!  He calls a friend, who calls a "friend" and two guys show up at the house.

They workers come in and start messing with the breaker box.  Nothing... They go outside and come back in.  Mess with the breakers again.  Nothing... "Hey missis, do you have a screwdriver?" I give them a screwdriver.  (I really thought they wanted one to open the breaker box.)  Nope!  They take the screw out.... Mess with the breakers... and shezam.....  We have power!!

So that's it.  They "fixed" it.  Leave the house and Amen.  Another job "well done"!

Chris calls and asks if it was fixed.... He is not impressed... There is a "HOT" wire in our wall...  I am sure there are many more, but this one we know about! 

So now I am waiting for the "friends" to come back and really fix the problem.  I guess no more home improvements for awhile...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Promise In The Sky

This was yesterday afternoon.... We haven't seen one for awhile and this one wasn't as brilliant as some other ones we have had here... But it was a full one over the town! There was also a double one but it wasn't too bright. :). Enjoy!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm?

Anyone notice what is wrong with this picture? sigh..... :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Slipping and Sliding

The kids have this week off of school and we decided to not travel anywhere because we just got back from Singapore, not two weeks ago.  There are also a couple of other families who have stayed in for the break, so we have been getting the kids together to keep them entertained. 

Yesterday was our normal card day, so a friend offered up her yard for the kids to enjoy some slip and slide fun while we played cards.  Here are all the kids lined up ready to go!
Now, my lovely friends are always trying to get me to have a vice.... A vice as in drinking!  So I finally gave in and joined the gals and had an adult beverage!  Now my friend June had never seen me have a drink before, so she had to document it and send it off to Chris.... while he was working!  "Chris - Hey Honey, what did you do today?? Me - Why I was cleaning the house all day!!" :D
Marz was trying to tell dad that mom needed to be "cut off"!  Ha Ha, just kidding Mom (as in my mom)!  To tell the truth I couldn't even choke down a quarter of the can which is alcohol abuse here because it is SOOO EXPENSIVE!!!

Here are the three friends who try to pollute me!
And I am so not going to take responsibility for this!! :D


A Little Taste of LV!

LV?? Better known as Louis Vuitton!

After the Titanic, a friend of ours, who was also in Singapore, polluted Mersades and my mind by taking us to Louie!  Well, she really didn't pollute our mind, we all wanted to go and check the store out! :)  So we made the most of it!

We started off by going in to the most expensive part of the store and asking what was the most expensive!  What a bunch of hicks, you say?!  Well yes!  But we really didn't care!  We were just having a great time with Marz!  She must not really be a teenager because she was not embarrassed one bit!!  And we tried.... Oh, did we try! :D

So after we were done ooh-ing and ahhh-ing over everything, the store lady pointed us in the direction where the "common" folk went and bought their "Louie".

Here is the corridor on the way to the other part and my model, Marz, having a photo with some vintage Louie.

Once we got into the "normal" part of the store, we just started trying on sunglasses.  Now I am pretty sure our "model" could NOT have picked a more uglier pair of sunglasses than the ones she tried on here!  And worse than the look, they only came in at a cool $800!  Not bad, Not bad at all! ;)
UGLY!! ... Of course, not the model!  The glasses! :D

Next, mom had to try on a pair.  They were not quite as bad as Mersades were.... but they definitely were not for me!!  I am pretty sure Chris would have CROAKED if i spent $500 on a pair of sunglasses!!! :D
Thinking back on our experience, I can't believe we didn't try on any SHOES!!!  Although a $1500 pair of heels would not last long in Tembagapura!! 

After all of the fun, we left to go torture other high end shop owners.  Gucci, Channel, Mui Mui, .... to name a few...

It was a great fun night with Marz!  Who knows, maybe one day she will grace the cover of a magazine wearing those "marvelous" glasses!!  Ha Ha Ha Ha...

Having some LV fun,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Titanic: In Singapore

Well..... We did not just screw around in Singapore while we were there.  We actually took the kids to something educational!  So we took them to the Titanic exhibit at the Art and Science museum.  The Art and Science museum is right next to/connected to the Marina Bay Sands.  My favorite building in all of Singapore!!

Another view... Chris actually took ONE picture with my camera! :)

Art and Science Museum.  I was way too close to the building to get all of the building in the picture.  The Museum is a very cool lotus flower design.

While we were looking at the exhibit, we could not take any pictures.  So the next two are the only ones I got from the museum.
This picture with Teddy was pretty much life size!  The propellers were huge!
Marz and Chris ready to call it a night...
Everyone thought the exhibit was fascinating.  But what the kids were interested in the most, and what got them through all of the exhibit, was to find out if they made it out of the disaster dead or alive!  When we first started the tour we all got cards with information about a passenger who boarded the Titanic for that fateful voyage.  I was a 17 year old woman, who was on a two year honeymoon.  I was one of the lucky ones who made it off alive!  Actually Mersades, Gabby, and I made it off alive.  The boys... Well, they didn't!! 
All in all, I am so glad we took the time out of our trip to Singapore to see this exhibit.  I do believe the kids learned something from it. Every time they see the Titanic on TV, they make comments about our time at the museum. :)
Celebrating 100 years,

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

This is our second Easter in Tembagapura, that we have gotten up at 3:30am, to join fellow Christians in a morning walk around Tembagapura, on Easter morning.  The kids love it because they get to carry torches and I love it because of all the singing and celebrating.  It is quite interesting actually.... There is a guy playing piano in the back of a truck, blasting music over a loud speaker, while everyone walking behind is singing at the top of their lungs.  For those who don't join in, they are awake by the time the parade of people go by their houses!  Here are just a few pictures taken from Easter morning...

 This is a dear friend of ours... Ms. Junie with Gabby! :)
I am guessing this year there were a few less people doing the walk.  I know that there were only 9 Expats.  There would have been 10 if Mersades could have walked! :)  Most people are gone for the school break, so we only had about 20 people in the "Expat"church.  Normal numbers are usually around 50.  But even with that, there were probably around 200 people who did the walk.
I hope you all have/had a blessed Easter!  We sure did.  We spent the day with friends who have become like family in Tembag.  We miss all of our family and friends back home!  God's blessings to all of you!

Christ is Risen!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Nest's

It has been a tradition since I was very little, to make nest out of the clothes you wore the day before Easter, for the Easter bunny to leave you treats. So tonight, when Chris and I got home from a farewell party, this is what we saw.... Our boys are so clever!!! :). Or just plain goofy! :D

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Little Dramatic...

Believe me, it's not as bad as it looks! Two months ago, on the school trip, M's knee gave out on her. Thursday, her knee did it again. Only this time it hurt and became swollen. So call the emergency room... the hospital is only 75 yards away... bring two "ambulances"... straight board her... sorry it's such a bad picture... drive her to the hospital... and after an x-ray and a two second Dr visit... She had a stretched patella tendon! I guess you are going to have to do a bit of exercise now M! :D

Just a Sunning....

This little dude thought he needed some sun and some heat. what he didn't need was to be in my house!!! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

MZIS Disco

Last weekend the PTA put on a great dance for the whole school! It was a great time. I even think Gavin got out and cut a rug on the dance floor! :). Mersades finally did a "teenage" thing and had a friend over the play beauty shop! Gabby was in her element hanging out with all her friends. And Teddy gave everyone a show with his "robotics" dance moves! It was a much needed fun night out for the school community. The end of quarter three has come. The kids are now on a two week break. :) Cheers to all!