Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gabby's 8th Birthday

Well, let's see... What to do with another birthday??  House is too small to have kids over after school for a party... Too rainy in the afternoon... Another one at the covered park...  What to do, what to do???  I am really out of ideas and ambition to do another party! 

I know.....  Let's take the girls to the salon to get their nails and hair done, and then dress up for a "fancy" dinner at the Lupa Lelah!  Perfect!  Not too much work for mom, and the girls will love it!!  Now just to sell it to Gabby!

Well the idea was sold, BUT, we had to invite the boys from her class... No, not to the salon, but to the dinner.  Well how hard could that be??? (sigh)  I know boys, I actually have two!  But what the heck?  It's for the children.... or Gabby... :)

First off.... To the salon...
Gatot and Gabby... Gatot is one of my favorites to go to for a massage....  He even does hair! 
Hmmm, Does Gabby look happy???
 Two beauties done with hair.  Now waiting on nails...
Ok, at this point, I really should have caught on.... Gatot can do LONG hair, so he doesn't have a clue what to do with Gabby.  At least he went to find help!  I also should have recognized that Gabby was not having a good time!  How could I forget she HATES having her hair done!!!  When she cries every morning from brushing her OWN hair, how could she enjoy this???  Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part....
Ten minutes after I took this picture, one of the hair gals came and got me...  Gabby was CRYING!!!

Ok, STOP the tape!  Just forget Gabby's hair and get the rest of the girls done......

So now we are all dressed up and ready to meet the boys....  WOW, don't they look fantistic!!
Sitting down to eat...

Happy Birthday Gabby or Selamat Ulang Tahun!!

After all the tears were dried, the night turned out to be lots of fun for Gabby!  And, I think all the other kids had fun dressing up and dining with their friends!!

And after all of that, only ONE wine glass was broken!!  I would say that was a successful night!! :D

Until the next birthday,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

70's Party

I have never played dress-up as an adult so much as we do here in Tembag!  The elevation must be getting to our heads, or just a bit of boredom... Who knows???  Oh well, this one was for a good cause!  The Paupan Education Foundation held a 70's party to help raise funds for... well you guessed it.... Paupan Education!  Thanks goodness my parents had these costumes laying around the lodge this summer... 
So I packed them up, and waited for this night to happen!  I totally couldn't contain my excitement on having to put these "Oh so comfortable polyester clothes" on!  I must say Chris was a good sport, and played the role to a tee! Scary!!!  And my bestie... Michelle My Belle... joined in on the fun!  So without waiting any longer...  Here are the....

GLENHAM EAGLES of the 1970's!

Wow, we are a great looking team!! ;)

Here Chris is with a few friends...  I am telling you, Chris got into this role WAY TOO MUCH!
Michelle and me with Estelle.... Estelle is the hottest babe in Tembag! :D
"Ellie Mae" with Michelle and me.  She is a HOOT!
"Is it real??? Is it real????"  That was the second most common statement of the night for Chris. 
The #1 most common statement was, "That is just WRONG!" And no, they were not talking about his face....  I am sure it had to do with how SHORT his SHORTS were!!


Go Team Glemham!!

Over all, we had a very fun night.  There were some great outfits, and male facial hair!  I still remember when my dad cut off his sideburns....

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bazil Grumble

Over the last week, the kids had the opportunity to learn drama from a theater group, Bazil Grumble, out of Australia. This was the second time they came, and the kids loved it!! Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry, I only had my phone camera with me.

House Update....

Keeping it simple... Picture on the left- Last weeks progress... We got a cement mixer!!! Picture on the right- This weeks progress... Two guys showed up, sat, had a smoke, then left! Hope all your building projects are moving along better than mine! ;) Love, Robin

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Mersades!

We have a teenager!! Mersades turned 13 years old today! It's hard to believe. Time is just flying by... And just so you know, it is not a bad picture I took, but that smoky look is from her, blowing out ALL her candles!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Glenham's #1 Team!

Because the family is very impatient, I am going to give you a little taste of the fun we had last night! Most of the comments of the night were, "Oh, that's just wrong!". Of course those comments were aimed at Chris!! :D Have a great day!

Friday, September 9, 2011

House Addition!

Our house addition...  I am very greatful our family of six is going to have a bit more room!

Enjoy your day!



I just thought I would throw this picture on the blog to show you some progress on the landslide. The project probably still has at least another month to go... But hey, all we have here is time! ;)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Card Cake

one of the "Ibu" things I do here is play cards with the ladies who don't have kids in the school. I am not sure why i am the only "mom" who plays... Maybe it's because I grew up playing... Well, tomorrow we say good bye to one of the ladies. So I was asked to make a cake... Here is what I came up with, with my limited supplies...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Crazy Hair Day!

Today is Crazy Hair Day at school. Notice our family size has increased by 1! Miss S is staying with us for the week, while her parents are taking her older sister to boarding school. I welcome S with open arms, as she is a great cook!! :D. Have a great day everyone!