Friday, March 29, 2013


True story....

We had to go down to the Lowlands for biometrics a few weeks ago.  Biometrics is a process we have to go through every time we get a new visa.  It consist of a new photo, signature, and fingerprints... because those those change all the time! ;)

So we chopper down to Timika on a Friday.  The weather was beautiful and we got down in plenty of time to have breakfast before we were escorted to the immigration office.  We get to the office and all is going well.  We all go in to get the above three items mentioned done.  It was working so smoothly... Then we got the "Can you come back and do it again this after noon because this was for your old visa!"  (We were to do biometrics in January before we left for Singapore but the system was down so we had to have special permission to LEAVE the country!)

Back to the story...  Come Back Again?!?!?!  Really??  I promise you, our looks, signatures, and FINGERPRINTS will not change before this afternoon!  "No, sorry "missus".  You have to come back so we can do this again for your new visa."  Sigh...  Ok, we will come back this afternoon...

Two o'clock, we make the 10 minute drive back to the immigration.  Half an hour later, it's finally our turn.  "Oh, just a few more minutes Pak (mr.), our system is down..." Sigh....  thirty minutes later.... "Pak, can you come back tonight so we can finish up biometrics?  Sorry, our system is down..."  Ok...

7:30 pm Friday - We head back to the immigration offices...  We get there.  System is still down... "Pak, can you and your family just sign these papers?"  "That's all, you may leave..."  YOU MAY LEAVE!!!!   You interrupted my game of cards for a signature??? ;) This couldn't have been done at 11:00 am this morning???  Sigh....

Oh well, life is always interesting and never the same in Indonesia! :D

Needless to say, this is what everyone felt  and looked like when the day was over... :D

We are legal now, so that's all that matters!!  BUT only until the summer... We got our passports back a couple of days ago, and you will never guess....  OUR VISAS ARE WRONG!!!!!

Totally not kidding you! :)

Wow, Just Wow!!

Some things just cannot be explained. This is one of them! These posters were hung up all over town as a public service announcement. Wonder who the graphic artist was?? Somethings are sometimes lost in translation... Or were they?? :D

A Beautiful Gift

I was given this beautiful sarong from a guy and his wife, who work for Chris. It comes from North Sumatra and is all hand made. It is probably one of the most beautiful gifts that I have been given in Indonesia.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Growing Up and Growing Big

Growing big is my hair! Growing up are the kids! ;)
This was taken this morning while waiting for the chopper to the lowlands. Biometrics time! Now we will all finally be legal in Indonesia! :)


It doesn't happen too often, but when it does, everyone is taking a thousand pictures. Here's some from my phone. I am sure the pictures on my big camera are better.... But too lazy to hook that up to my computer! ;)


Happy Birthday to Me!

Just incase you forgot, mom... ;). jk

Last night I took some friends out for dinner. We played "What's Yours Like?" It went over well, with the exception of Miss Scotland... She had a hard time describing... :). It was a fun night!