Saturday, February 25, 2017

Happy Birthday To Me!

Last night, Saturday, we had a "little" birthday party, a much needed party, at the house to celebrate my 26th... I mean 42nd birthday! :D

We were a little hesitant at doing this because of all the stuff going on at site, but thinking it through, we thought what the heck, lets do it!  The next few weeks may be life changing for all of us and at least we would have one last get together.

Each and every one of these people in the pictures below hold a special place in my heart and I am very thankful they are in my life.   I have learned in the very recent past to appreciate every little moment I have with friends. :)  Thank you all for celebrating with me!

Enjoy! xo

PS, Yes mom, that is a margarita glass in my hand and it isn't a prop!! ;D

The girls came and joined us for a bit and decided Mick needed his hair done. ;)

The next few pictures were multiple attempts at Chris and me getting a picture taken together, ALONE!  It took a while... these are only a few out of multiple, multiple attempts! ;)

That was "Are we ready yet?"


And then our one baby left at home...  She is such a mini me!!

The stragglers... Funny that Jeff was taking a "selfie" while Gabs was taking the pic.

One last one... Gabby taking a selfie with the group. :)

Thank you everyone!  Bring on 42!! :D 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

ACSC Basketball Teddy

Last week, as you may know, Gabby and I were in Penang to watch Ted play some basketball for the ACSC tournament.  ACSC is Asia Christian Schools Conference.  I believe the conference is made up of seven different Christian schools across Asia.  Let's see if I can remember... Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea x 2.  I did it!! ;)  Ask me to name which schools belong to which country, and I would still fail...  But I'm getting there... maybe by next year. ;)

The games were fun to watch and even though Dalat ended the tournament in 5th place, it was still a great week to be out with the kids!

Here are random pictures from the games.  Ted is number 12.  He got quite a bit of playing time but is still learning... I'm excited to see what next season brings!  It will be great to watch!

These next two pictures are Ted with a rebound and put it right back up for two points!!

These two pictures are Ted with an awesome screen for Sam!

One of my favorite things Dalat's teams do after every game, is they line up and thank the crowd for coming to their games, win or lose! :)

My favorite basketball player!!  Before and after haircut... ;)

My favorite cheerleader!!  We need a little more cowbell!! ;)

ALL my favorites!! :)

Last but not least... and one of the funniest times of the tournament... The Dalat soccer boys came up with cheers for the boys on the basketball team.  They were quite the cheering section...  At first, because I was sitting close to them, they wouldn't sing it for Ted when he went in the game... They thought I would be offended by the chant... pfft, they really don't know me... ;)  Anyway, Ted convinced them to sing it for me so I could video it... Here it goes...

"He's got a unibrow.  He's got a unibrow.  He's got a unibrow, he's got a unibrow!!"  

There is only one person in this world you could sing that about and not offend... He wears his unibrow with pride!  

That's my TED!! :D 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spending Time With The Kids

As I sit once again in the Bali airport, waiting for the late night flight back to site, I figured I may as well get these pictures from my time in Penang posted.

Like every other time, I am always very appreciative of the time I get to spend with the kids!  They are so fun to be around! They really do have such different, interesting personalities.  They also eat A LOT!  It seems that's what we spend most of our time doing... One, figuring out where to eat, and Two, making that happen.

Our first dinner stop after school on Friday, Gusto's!  A great burger joint within walking distance of the school.

This is Sara with Gabby. She is also a student at Dalat and her family also lives in Tembagapura.

Sunday morning, Marz and I went to the wet markets to stock up on awesome fruits and veggies!  I wasn't as excited about the fruits, but look at those....

CUCUMBERS!!!  I love cucumbers!  I bet I bought at least 30 of them in the ten days I was in Penang. :D

Then Sunday after church, the kids, Sara and I went to Chili's to eat and then took in a very very friendly game of bowling.

Since Chris couldn't go with us he asked me to send pics of the kids...  This is the best they could come up with... LOL! ;)

And the winner is........ Yup, you guessed it!  The "R" is me!!!  I pulled out a win in the last frame.  Those kids were completely surprised.  Me on the other hand, I was just playing a game of cat and mouse! LOL!! ;)

Then Monday morning, the kids met Gabby and me at the hotel, next door to the school, to take a cab ride to Let's Meat, to join Teddy's basketball coach for breakfast.  That place is awesome because it has real bacon and cheddar cheese!!

Gavin finally came to me a month or so ago, asking for braces.  His gap from his under bite had gotten to the point where he could no longer take a bite with his front teeth.  So the school nurse scheduled an appointment for him to see the orthodontist and actually at this moment, 9:30am, Monday Feb, 20th, Gav is getting the braces on.  Boy oh boy, is his mouth going to be sore!

Wednesday we started basketball but I have way to many pictures to add them to this post.  So I will do a basketball post all on it's own, coming up next...

And then there was Gabby and me...  I am so thankful for may traveling partner.  She makes leaving the other kids just a little bit easier...