Saturday, May 30, 2015

5th Grade Exhibition

We did science fairs in the 5th grade... Kids now days do exhibitions on how to make the world a "better place"...(Warning: My sarcasm is going to come out.) ...Because the world was such a bad place when we were growing up...

Anyway, Gabs, the last child, did her exhibition this last Friday. Our last one we ever have to go to!! Yippee!!  I must say however, the kids did learn something that just may help them in the future...  Business!  

The kids had to make a business plan/model and run their business for a short time. Gabs chose to have two business: Babysitting and Card Holders. She was very successful in both endeavors. She also made a business that would sustain itself long after the exhibition was over. Since I am one of her employees, I can say "we" still have card holder orders to fulfill. 

Overall,  Gabby did a great job and learned some very important lessons. I could go on and on about those lessons, but I am going to just get in to the pictures. You can ask her about the lesson when you talk to her in person. :)

Gabby Girl's profile

Her product. 

Letting everyone know all about her business. 

Gabby's mentor, Auntie Marge. Also a very good friend of ours. :)

Mom and Dad with the little entrepreneur. 

Great job, Gabby Goo!! Love you!!! xoxo

Monday, May 25, 2015

Gab's New Job

Chris can go down to the salon here and get a hair cut, wash, and small head massage for under $5!  But the other day, we though we would get Gabs started on a new career... Or maybe just a small job. ;)

Yah, you can mess that cut up! :)

Little Monkey Gavin

Buying a pull-up bar for Gavin was probably the best thing we have ever done for him!  He has become very strong in the last year... I can't even take home anymore!
Here are a few of his moves...  He can almost hold his body out parallel with the floor... Almost. When he does, I will post that. Until then, here are a few action shots. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Softball - Teddy

Here is a collage of Teddy's softball season. The team was very successful this year and Teddy had a good time playing with the team. 

The Dalat boys walked away with a 1st place win in the MSSPP tournament. Not sure what the acronym means... But the boys did a great job. They out scored their opponents 65-10!

Since the boys will not be able to play in the state tournament, due to finals week, they had one last game against the Dalat staff. 

Marz came out to watch Ted play... Or was it to watch the other guys in uniform...???  I am sure she is not telling! ;)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Special Visitor

Every now and then we get a special visitor come to site. A couple weeks ago we had a long time mining buddy of Chris' come out for a look. :) What a special treat for us!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

JSB - Marz

Back in April, the Juniors hosted a banquet for the Seniors. Sophomores can go, so Ted's roommate Joe, who also is a great friend of Marz, asked Marz to the banquet. Marz looked smashing, if I do say so myself. :)

Marz with her two roommates. 

All the girls of the dorm along with Aunt Becky. 

Those who were old enough to go... Ziemer Dorm (Along with Aunt Becky and Uncle Eddie)

Something was funny... ;)

Baby brother saying you better not mess with my sister or you'll have to answer to me. :). Actually what I was told was said that Ted was touching Marz's hair! :)

Sibling love. :). Love these two!

Only 2 weeks and 5 days till we see them again... But whose counting? ;)

A Mining Engineer In The Making

Gav had to do this project for school. I really don't know much about it. Since he went to bed, I am not going to wake him up and ask. I will have to update this post once I talk to him. 

Stay tuned for the update... :)


So you really can't do s'mores the "normal" way, living in the jungle. This is because there really isn't any dry wood in this vast jungle and also, it is usually raining!  There is also the challenge of getting the supplies. We hardly ever have marshmallows and we never ever get graham crackers, but I had both that I brought all the way from Penang, Malaysia!  Chocolate is never out of stock at the store, so we never have to worry about that! ;). I have now found the perfect substitute for a bonfire... My little Jenggala satuè thingy!  Not really sure what they call it, but they use it to cook chicken kabobs. We use it for s'mores!

The first time we experimented with it was when a friend was over with his two kids. The quote of the night was from Zane... "This is the best night of my life!" :). I am sure that was said after he had three s'mores and multiple roasted marshmallows! ;)

In the jungle, you are always improvising. After five years, we are getting good at it! ;)

Happy Mother's Day...

... to me. 

It's interesting having Mother's Day with two of your children in boarding school. It's not quite the same going to dinner and having a table for four instead of six. But I did get a Skype call in and a picture of Marz and Ted before the day was over. Once again, I will say I am eternally grateful for the technology we do have!

Here are my boarding school babies and me with the other two babies at dinner! ;)

Happy Mother's Day! xo

Now here is a special treat... My once a year poem from Marz!

So I thought I'd began where I left last year
And write you a poem or two
So here goes nothing mamá dear
I write poems for a very few

Your cookies taste delicious 
Your cakes make me a'drool
I can't believe you're 40
'Cause you still look 29 cool

You always take care of us fair children
With fantabulous-ness and style
Your loving words and kind smiles
Make most everything worth while

So here's to you mama-san
Thou art the bestest mom ever
God has blessed me so much with you
I'm gonna love you forever