Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Very Small World...

One night back in January, after the start of the second semester of school, we were Skyping with the kids and asking them how everything was going. It was more of the same answers we get every time except this time, there was a little more. Teddy told us of how he has a new kid in his class who just moved from the States and how he also wants to be an Army Ranger.  Then Teddy states that his dad grew up in Selby...I say, Selby, like the Selby that's 20 miles from Mobridge, where I grew up?!?! "Yah I think so mom..." lol!  As good parents do, we continued to ask questions... Last name? Siblings? What are they doing in Penang? Well in true teenage fashion, Teddy really didn't have many answers to those questions. 😉

So we kind of left it alone until I was there in February for Ted's basketball tournament. Then one afternoon while I was there, Andrea, the mom, was waiting for their son, who's in Gavin's class, to be done with track practice. So I though, what the heck, I'll go introduce myself to her. We chatted for a little bit and decide to take one of the mornings and go have breakfast, just the two of us. Did I tell you, Andrea and Vance have FIVE kids?!?  Someone crazier than I!! LOL!

That Saturday we meet and go for breakfast. We chat a lot, but it was mostly about the crazy stuff that was going on in Tembag at the time and then I answered some of Andrea's questions on expat life. But we only really touched on Vance  living in Selby/Mobridge very little. So my questions still weren't answered... oh well, not to fear, we were going to meet up again when school break came along. 

Well, school break is here and last night we had dinner with Andrea, Vance, their five kids, Gav, Gab, and me!  

We finally order. All 85 kids are sorted...😉. Then the questions start coming!! But... not of our Selby/Mobridge connection, but of our crazy life in Tembag. It really is a crazy story...

Finally we get to what I say is the "good" stuff!  "So Vance tell me your Mobridge/Selby story"... In short, His dad was a vet in Mobridge, then Selby. Vance went to Freeman Davis for a year and a half or so then went to Selby for Jr High. Then we started pumping out names: Kelly, Brent, Jen, Beev, Cory, Marcy, Jody, Jodi and her brother Jason, he was a great basketball player! 😂 Todd and Brett, Jeff S. The list went on and on!! (Sorry if I didn't write your name... It was probably mentioned. 😉) My guess is if you went to Lakeside church you knew him in grade school. If you were in middle school in Selby, you probably knew him.  Becky Schlomer, did you teach him?  I didn't know him because I went to Zion. 😉. But... when he was talking to his dad, his dad knew most of the Schlomer's in the area and was guessing "who's my daddy"! 😂

Anyway, it was so fun to have this conversation with Vance and Andrea worlds away from Mobridge, SD. What a truly small world we live in!!