Sunday, November 13, 2016

October Break - Penang

This year, Marz and Ted were both on varsity volleyball, so they both had the opportunity to travel over the October break.  In order for Chris and me to see them, we needed to get to Malaysia before they left.  So we headed to Penang on a Thursday and were able to spend the whole weekend with them.  Well, almost... Ted was invited to participate in a basketball camp that Saturday and Sunday, but we got to spend the mornings with him.

Ted relaxing after a taxing day at school. ;)  He was probably waiting for volleyball practice to begin...

While Ted was at his camp, Marz wanted to do a bit of exploring.  So the first stop she took us was to an old military fort in Penang.  Fort Cornwallis.

The fort's chapel.

Gabby got herself in BIG trouble and was locked away!

After checking out the fort, we walked over to a park where artists from all over the world, get to paint a bear for their country.

Can you believe I forgot to upload the USA's bear picture?!?!  Well, the next time I upload, I will have a space saved here for it...


Marz with Germany... of course! ;)

After the park we went to Old Georgetown and ate at a fun German restaurant.

The owner was a crack up! :)

Traditional German cuisine.

Then Marz and Ted were gone...  So we had to find some things to do to finish out the week.  We were staying in Penang because Gav couldn't go back into boarding until Sunday.  So we found something for Chris to do that he would enjoy! ;)

Gab and I took in a movie while Chris and Gav went to a different one.  If I hadn't been watching a movie, I would have thought we were locked in a freezer!!!  It was SOOOOO COLD!!!

Then Chris took Gav and Gab to a outdoor obstacle course... I may post those pictures in another post... or I may not... :)

Then we went bowling...  We haven't done that for ages!!  We actually bowled for two hours and paid only the equivalent of $15 UDS!!  Cheap as chips, as the Aussies would say...

And then our time was done in Penang.  Next time we see the kids will be in Singapore for Thanksgiving!  Can't wait!! :)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

International Day 2016

Flower Power In The Jungle

That was this years theme...  So of course, I had to come up with a costume...  I'm not really a fan of the 60's and how they dressed... Goofy... but thankfully I have my costume support team (Stormy and Katt, who stand around and laugh at how I put things together.... I really wish I got a picture of them watching me sew and the horrified looks on their faces... ) to help me out! :D

Also, it's a good thing I don't listen to Marz and my mom about my horrible taste in clothing or else I would not have had the most perfect shirt to wear for this special occasion!  I will give them credit though... this shirt is going in the costume box and not to come out until the next 60's party!! ;)

Here we go...  Because of where we live, unless we get a ride, we almost always have to wear "walkable" shoes to the event and then change when we get there.  On this occasion, there was no difference.  There was no way I could have walked to the Lupe in my awesome shoes, which you will see later... :)

On to the Lupe...  Thank goodness it wasn't raining!!  I'm not sure how I would have walked, held my pants up, and carried my umbrella!

Our arrival, Lucy and me...

I really wish it wasn't so light in the background...  You can't see the marvelous "tease" job I did on Lucy's hair!!

Two of the best!

Grovy, baby!

Now for the shoes...  Danella and me trying to get a good pic of my shoes...  Surprised I didn't fall over... ;)

Second try....  Those were awesome shoes!! ;)  Perfect addition to the outfit!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Winning Shoes!!

Well forget the golf tan, but aren't my shoes awesome?!?!  And they are indeed winners!!

Melbourne Cup is a day for the Aussies to show off some national pride.  They go all out to dress up and party to watch a five minute horse race!  It's quite interesting to watch... You just have to love their passion!

Here's the rest of the outfit...  And I'm really only posting this for my mom and mom-in-law because it surprises them when I actually put a dress on... I really don't like them... of course the dresses!!...  Makes me cold... ;)  So Melbourne Cup is really a day for them, the mom's... A day for them to actually say Robin's really a girl!!! LOL!! :D

Drum roll............

Not only did I win best shoes, I actually won the "big" money!!  It's really not that big, but the horse I drew won the Race!!  It was my lucky day! :)

Here are a few other pictures of some very beautiful ladies:

Best Dressed and Best Shoes and Best Handbags! ;)

Until next year.... And another dress.... ;D

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Halloween 2016 - Adult Party

With the kids party over, I decided I really should get serious on my costume!

At the beginning of the week, I asked Chris if he wanted to recycle a costume from previous years because I really hadn't planned anything for this year.  Of course he said he didn't care, so I thought I would do a quick Google search on easy DIY couples costumes...  Remember, we don't have a Wal-Mart just down the street, so I had to keep in mind that I needed to find an idea that I could do with what supplies we had here in town.  Challenge accepted!!

Back up for a second...  Also at the beginning of the week, we had just gotten back from a trip to see the kids in Malaysia.  We had someone, a guy, stay at the house while we were gone...  Monday, I got a call from the guy asking if I would give his loofa to another guy who was dropping something off at our house.  "What the heck is a loofa?" I ask!!!  "You know... one of those shower sponge things."  Really?!?!  I had never heard that word before!  Those shower spongy thingys really have a name?!?!

So as I was looking for "easy" DIY costumes, sure enough, I come across a box of soap and a LOOFA!!  How fitting!  Now the next question is, do I have the supplies to make those two things???

I go back to Uncle Google to see if there are instructions on how to make a Loofa... Of course there is!  Do I have enough tulle fabric????  Of course I do.... I only have to raid the Ladies Christmas Gift Exchange decorations. :D

It's now Thursday and I finally get started on the "soap" for Chris.  It took me all day, and a couple trips back and forth to school, but I got it finished.  In honor of the soap Chris uses...

Friday, I didn't have any time to do my costume, because I had to do the girls hair...  So I didn't start my costume until Saturday morning... The party is that NIGHT!!!

Needless to say, I didn't go to the party naked... ;)

Here's the final product...  Yah, we were smoking!!  Or was it sudsing? LOL! ;)

Loofa, Half of a PB&J Sandwich, and  PiƱata

The full sandwich....

Me and Cat2.  She lives in the wrong era... ;)

All and all, not bad for a two day project.  I am now a professional Loofa maker!  Add that to the list of things I have learned over here... ;D

Halloween 2016 - Kids Party

When Gabby and some of the middle school girls started to talk about what they were going to be for Halloween, a few of them decided it would be fun for them and for the little girls of the school to dress a full size princesses. :)  So the girls picked their favorite princess and the moms got on board.  We had such a great time planning and primping the girls. 

The morning of the Halloween party, the girls went underground for a school field trip.  We then took them out of school for the last half of the day to get them all fixed up.  So they went from miners to princesses all in a few hours!  

I wish I would have taken a picture of the blown out kitchen and dining room after all the primping was over!  But I didn't... So here's the final product...

Princess Ariel, Princess Belle, Princess Cinderella, and Princess Rapunzle!

Gabs looking regal.

 Gabs and her giant panda bear. ;)

Only here... Gabs and her principal...  Love the expressions!

It was a great way for Gabs to spend her last Halloween at MZS.  She went out looking every much the princess that she is! :)