Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Sunday

We once again started celebrating Easter with the sunrise/torch parade around town. Always an interesting experience!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

After The "Hill"

Haven't walked the hill between Tembag and Hidden Valley for over a year. Last Saturday we took the kids. This was getting some shade and rest before we headed back down the hill. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ted, Marz, and Mom

After staying at the resort near KL, I took Marz back to school and Ted came with to check out his new school come August!  Who can believe we will only have two kids at home!?!?!

Biding the time in the airport on the way to KL. 

Captain America 2!! Loved it!!

All Teddy did was eat!!  Three scoops of ice cream after unlimited chips and salsa and steak and potatoes!!

Mersades' gift from a friend... :)

Teddy in his new uniform. Hopefully it still fits him come August!!

It was a fun weekend with Marz and Ted!  They are growing up to be very comical teenagers. :)  Loved spending time with them! 

More Malaysia

Sorry it's taken a while to get these on the blog. This is the rest of our time at the resort. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Petronas Towers

Well, I hope I spelled that right. I have been wanting to see these towers since we moved to Indo. Yesterday, we got to see them. It was very anticlimactic as after five minutes worth of pictures, it was time to move on and go find the next attraction. :)

We then went to the aquarium, that was nothing special. It was more for kids younger than 10. Then we went and found a good old fashion American restaurant!! TGI Fridays!  That was the highlight of our day!  Well, that and finding a Basken Robbins!! :)

Ted and Gab touching the tower. 

Center entrance to the tower. 

Throwing this one in because at least Gav is kind of but not really smiling. ;)

The one picture from the aquarium on my phone. ;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 2 - Bike Riding

The resort is quite spread out. So one way to get people from one place to another without a long wait is to use bikes. The rule is, if it's sitting there, you can "steal" it!  Here are some of our transportation pictures...

Ya, I know... I am soooo proud! ;)

Another bike riding activity is to take you on a tour through town. We had to get different bikes and helmets for this activity. 

The lovely hair nets to keep the lice away. :)

Everyone ready!

While we were waiting to go on the bike tour, we had a nice "friendly" game of boys vs. girls in volleyball. No questions asked, of course the girls WHIPPED the boys!!! :D

Teddy showing off his stuff. ;)

And now I will leave you with a picture you will never be able to erase from you mind... I am warning you!!!
There is all kinds of WRONG with this picture!!

See, I told you!!! ;)