Friday, June 6, 2014

So What Does It Take... get a family of six in two different countries home for the summer?

These are all the etickets and hotel print outs. Not all are shown... Some sheets are still hidden behind others...

I zoomed in on the right side of the above photo. This was my "chart" of who needed to do what. Below will be a quick run down. 

Heliops x 5
C,R,T,G,G - TIM-DPS (2 one way tickets, 3 return)
Hotel Bali - 2 rooms x 2 nights, 1 room x 1night

R,M,T,G,G - Fly to US
Hotel US
R,M,T,G,G - fly to SD
C - Fly back to work

C - fly to US
Hotel US 
R,M,T,G,G - meet C in DEN to Fly to TX
All fly back to SD

All fly to DPS
Hotel Bali
C,G,G - fly to TIM
R,M,T - fly to Malaysia (M return tickes, T one way ticket, R return ticket, but different dates than M's ticket.)
Hotel Malaysia

Heliops - C,G,G

Hotel Bali
R - fly to TIM
Heliops - R

And I should be home... But wait, G and G need orthodontist appointments!  I think I will deal with that later! ;)

A Wedding

We were invited to a wedding party. Our first one that we coud attend. It was the most dressed up that I have been in a long time! :)

Teddy's Last Week of Middle School

It started with the school play. Ted was a Grandpa. 

Dinner at the Lupe with the Middle school. 

Band Concert. All 16 of them. Big band. :)

Hot Stone... The twins. Just a few years separated at birth. 

Chopper ride down the mountain. 

Tembagapura is going to miss you Teddy... And so am I!  xo

Monday, June 2, 2014

"Think Pink" Hash Run

A run through the jungle in pink to raise money for our Pink Tea committee. The Pink Tea, in Tembagapura, is a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness and research. 

The boys out did themselves! ;)