Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Years Eve Pool Party

We could have fought the horrendous Bali traffic to take the kids somewhere for a New Year Eve dinner and then fight the traffic getting back to the villa or we could just stay in and invite some of the Tembagapura refugees over for a pool party.  We opted for the pizza pool party!  A very smart choice indeed!  So much easier and we weren't stuck in a car for 1.5 hours to go 3 miles!

It actually turned out great because Danella came to Bali the night before with her two kids. Zedd and Gavin have not seen each other for over a year.  They got a lot of catch up time yesterday and will continue into this next week.  After hours in the pool and literally a ton of food... I think they went through 10 pizzas!! Midnight finally arrived and we all rang in 2018 together!

I really did get lucky and snag a gorgeous villa to spend the next ten days!  The gang in the pool having fun.

The "Adults." :D

Staying far away from the ladies...

Then Chris got brave... I promise we don't bite... :D

Dinner was served... Six pizzas, a whole watermelon, for 12 people, consumed in under 10 minutes!  We ended up placing another order for four more pizzas before the first six were even finished.  We knew six wasn't close to enough after the animals started digging in...

Random...  But just so you know, it only took 20 photos to get this one!  Thank goodness for digital!! ;)

Of course cards!!  I finally talked, or begged... ;) Cindy into learning how to play Shanghai!!  It has only taken me over a year to accomplish this!!  I must be losing my touch!  Let me just say... a bottle of wine consumption before the lessons is probably not a very good idea!!! lol!! :D

We couldn't get much worse... So why not bring out the Fireball?!?!?!  YIKES!!!  I'm really not sure how much "learning" went on after that... LOL!!

Just kidding, Cindi was a great student and when we finally get back to site, she promised to come play with the "Card Ladies"!  BTW, I did NOT win... Marz killed us all!! 

Then round two of food for the human garbage disposals...

Can we just take a picture please... ;)

Then there was more swimming and finally I think with 45 minutes left till midnight, the kids got out of the pool for the night.  After SEVEN hours of pool time, the kids were played out!

These next three... I wanted to send a group pic of the kids to Stormy...  it only took 10 minutes...  ;)

The girls were trying to "teach" me how to pucker up... Yah, I'll leave that lesson for another day... 

Finally midnight and 2018 came!

Once again, it was a great night spent with friends who have become family!  I truly am so thankful for all these wonderful people in my life!

Bring on 2018!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Bali Paintball-ing

While the kid's friends were here from school, they wanted to get together and practice their commando skills in the paintball arena. Teddy and his friend, who is also a senior (12th grade) are both looking at military service this next year after high school. So why not get some practice in? ;)  

They said they had fun... The End. lol!!! :D

Our little commandos...

Getting ready...

The dads were smart and new not to get in the fight... They would have been the main targets, guaranteed!

Ok, Ouch!!  That will leave a mark!

Bali ATV-ing

While I was doing laundry, the kids and Chris were out playing... :D  They all said they had a great time and really enjoyed racing up and down the black sand beach.  And that's about it... The End. ;)

Here are all the pictures:

The red dot on the map is the area where we were staying and the blue is the location of the area where they were riding.