Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Happy 18th Birthday Theodore!!

Yah, Wow!!  Our Teddy Bear is 18!  He's now "old enough" to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets and as Marz nicely put it, he's old enough to be charged as an adult! LOL!

Teddy, you have grown into such a thoughtful, kind human being, who truly serves humanity.  I cannot wait to see what plans God has for your future!

This year, Teddy is in the Philippines for his birthday.  His volleyball team is participating in the ACSC tournament.  What a great life experience for him!  However, before he left on his trip, we got to spend a couple days in Penang with him.  It's always fun to hang out with Ted and listen to him laugh! :D

On Sunday, we took a few of his friends and their families out for dinner and then the kids enjoyed some laser tag fun while the adults got to go hang out with a cup of coffee. 

Some shenanigans before their turn to play.

Finally the kids geared up and enjoyed a few games.  They look so fierce! ;)  Truth be told, four of the six older boys are looking into joining a branch of the military after high school... I think they took this laser tag stuff a bit serious... ;)

Friday, October 13, 2017

A Week In Bali

While the kids are away, we get to play.... At least I did!

This last week Chris attended language school so he could improve his knowledge of the Indonesian Language.  Chris is already quite good at speaking the language but there are some things, like changing nouns to verbs and verbs to nouns.  He also learned about how the Balinese cast system works and how the Indonesia Government works. (I'm pretty sure he has a good idea about the last...) ;)

Here are some pictures from his class experiences.  He would do the classroom work in the morning and then go one field trips in the afternoon to practice speaking to other Indonesians.

One afternoon he went to visit where they make the poop coffee.  Yup, you read that right!  These marsupials eat the ripe coffee beans and then poop them out!  The humans then take those pooped out coffee beans and roast them to "perfection" and Viola...  You have a "nice" cup of Kopi Luwak!

This is just one of those question in life for me of "Who on earth thought of this!!!???"

A Balinese museum that was built to display the Balinese culture.

Chris found this sign on one of his many morning walks.  It has nothing to do with "class"... But you always find the craziest signs in Indonesia, usually because something was lost in translation... or maybe this is just Indonesia's version of Hooters??   :D

There were many other field trips that Chris went on, but these are the only pictures I have.

While Chris was a class, I did what I do best... Got a very good dosage of sun along with a lot of reading time and FB time.  I only had one goal this week...  I didn't quite get there, but I gave it my best shot! ;)

Here is the villa that we booked.  It was absolutely beautiful and very quiet!  I lived at the pool.

I thought this was funny... No, I don't normally travel with my very own blanky, but I plan on bringing back some grocery items, from Malaysia, which requires extra padding, so since I had room in the luggage, I threw it in.  I'm glad I did... It was just a little bit cold in the room for me.  Imagine that... ;)  What I thought was funny is that housekeeping folded the blanket to resemble a crown.  At least it looked like a crown to me...  It's my story... lol!!!

My second most absolutely favorite thing to do in Bali is get my hair done!  The guys at Manik never  let me down!  It may look like a mess now... lol!!! but when they were done taming the mane, it turned out great!

I can actually call Mars from this chair!! ;D

After my hair was all done and I was presentable again, I met up with my friend Jeff and a friend of his, and we headed out to a restaurant called Standing Stones.

Black sand...

Better pic of Standing Stones. :)

It was very windy...

At dinner one night, we watched a married couple take wedding photos.  They didn't quite stop traffic, but they did make quite a few people stop and take notice.

Also at dinner, I noticed the statue had a swastika.  After looking "swastika" up on Uncle Google to see if I had the word spelled right, I discovered in the Hindu culture it means "well, good, auspicious, luck, success, prosperity."  Now it makes sense... :)

We then went walking around the night market area so Chris could practice his Bahasa.  The ladies loved him.  He bought something from everyone of them...  He was their good luck charm!

Now this guy was a hoot!!  When he saw me he asked me if Chris was my number 2 husband.  I knew exactly what he was saying... He thought I looked too young to be Chris' first wife...  Now I know enough Bahasa to get me in trouble... so I replied (in Bahasa) that Chris wasn't my husband but that he was my Bapak!!  Or translated... My Father!!!  LOL!!!  I just kill myself sometime!!  That guy, Johny Walker, (not kidding!!)  Laughed his head off!! :D

 My very first "Bogan" singlet...  I am so proud! ;)

All our treasures from the night...

The market was a great fun night!  

Now we are back at the airport waiting on our flight to Penang.  Tomorrow morning I'll get to hug my babies!!  I am so excited!!  

Bye Bali... You are still my favorite!

PS  I did not proofread!!  I need to run to my plane!! :D 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Penang Weekend

Here are the rest of the pics from my weekend in Penang with the kids.  It was sooooo busy!!  Everyone  gives me a hard time about my "vacation" time, the time I travel, but I always tell them that I am on vacation when I'm in Tembagapura!  When I leave Tembag, I go to "work". ;)

Here was me going to "work"... I love my job!!! :D

First thing Friday morning before school, I get up early to go see the kids.  It doesn't look like it in this picture, but Gabby is noticeably taller than I! 

Momma and her boys.  I don't get a good pic with them often because they are usually screwing around! ;)

I didn't get to see a volleyball game of Gabby's, but I did get to see her practice!  She's the one in the tie-dyed t-shirt and black leggings.  She has been working on her overhand serve and is now getting consistent with serving it over the net.

Gav... icing his knee!  When I left Tembagapura, I thought I was going to have to change my travel plans to stay longer in Penang so I could be there for Gavin to have surgery to repair a torn ACL.  :(  But thankfully we got some very good news and he will not require surgery!!  He does have a swollen ACL and a hairline fracture of his tibia.  The swelling should go down and the fracture will heal itself.  Just no high impact sports for six weeks.

I was very fortunate to be in Penang for one of Teddy's volleyball tournaments!  So we spent Friday afternoon and all day Saturday watching games.  Here's the Tembagapura crowd cheering Ted on!

Meg and Sarah, sisters, hanging out with Gabby in the dorm.

This cannot be comfortable!  Ted, I think you missed the chair! ;)  He was resting up between VB games.

Ted has some skills... definitely learned them from his momma!! ;D

The team from Bangkok along with the Dalat team.

And last but not least....  Dalat unveiled their new mascot... A prominent feature resembles Teddy... So funny and Ted is such a good sport!!

Stay tuned for more on the uni brow...  I'm not sure of the time or place... however there may be fundraiser involved!! LOL!!  Ted, you are such a good kid! :D

What It Takes To Get Home!

A lot of people seem to think all I do is jet set around the world...  Well, they aren't far off... However, this traveling stuff isn't as easy as it seems... Or maybe I just make it harder than it needs to be... Or maybe it's just a little bit of both... ;) 

As most people know, who have read this blog, there are certain things we cannot get at our grocery store in Tembag.  No, we are not starving, but there are just a few 'comforts of home' that are really nice to pick up while we are off site.  

On the Friday that we arrived in Penang, Jen and I went shopping to get these goodies that we wanted to take back to site.  Now it's really just a guessing game as to what is going to fit in the luggage and it's always better to buy more and leave it behind than to not buy enough and have space in your luggage.  

Here we go... the start of the packing.  A secret of mine is to take an empty carry on size, or 21 inch, to pack tight with the heavy things that way you run out of space before you run out of weight and everything is packed in nice and tight.  I also brought a blanket with me to help protect some of the glass bottle items.  I was so prepared this time! ;)

We also pack things to take back to site for friends in need...  A guy friend needed some dryer sheets... Uh yah, sorry they are Lavender and Linen!!  Yah, your are going to smell pretty at the gym!! ;) lol!

And then you buy things that you know aren't going to work but haven't seen those items in FOREVER, that you just buy them and make a wish that they will fit and not get smushed on the way back to site!!  I truly was being overly wishful on the potato chips!! I gave up on these and took them back over to the kids at school... boo hoo!!!

Another trick to make good use of room and to pack things better, you take whatever you can out of boxes.  Again I was prepared and brought plastic ziplock bags from home to put in all the nut bars!  I is soooo smart!! ;)

Bubble wrap is also a necessity!  Especially if you go crazy and buy items with glass bottles!

And then everything is all packed up and folded in and the luggage is still under weight!!  I am a pro!!  The ironic thing is, and it always happens... That chocolate cake you see in the pic, yah, that was on the store shelf when I finally made it home!  It never fails!!  You may not see an item in the store, like the cake mix, for 6+ months.  You throw it in your luggage and BAM!!  It magically appears in the store!!  Who knew I had magical powers!! lol! ;)

Had to do a little rearranging...  ;)

Of course the "leftovers"!  Good thing I had another bag that fit all those Rice Krispies!  Oh, and don't forget those dryer sheets!! ;) ...and the Crisco and the nuts!!

Truth be told... I was 8 kilos over weight.... Well, not me specifically... my luggage!!! LOL!!  But have no fear... we know how to work the system...  We get extra luggage weight allowance by being a Platinum whatever, whatever...  Nice save Jen!!

So we are all packed up and are ready to make our way home...
And we do make it all the way back to Timika, via a 12 hour layover in Bali, (Yah, that is not a hardship!) without issue.

But then... There are no choppers due to the weather and the road is closed due to "issues"...  So we overnight at the Rimba...  But while we were waiting for the final "No Choppers Today" to be called, I needed to "Charge my Phone!!" LOL!!
Yes, I did fall asleep on the floor of the Rimba restaurant!  LOL!!

The next day we tried it all again....  And we make it half way home on a chopper... but the clouds moved in and we had to turn back around!!  I really wish I had taken a picture of that, but I am pretty sure my eyes were closed the whole way... and my hands were clamped together and I was a praying!!  So glad those chopper pilots know what they are doing!! ;)

So back to the Rimba we go... the road is still closed and we are "forced" to spend another day at the pool!! ;)

Yah, it was a hardship... ;)

Finally on Thursday morning we got the all clear to load the chopper one more time!  

At the start of the flight, the weather was beautiful!  We got to see parts of KK... 

... and the golf course...

And then once again we flew into the clouds...  The pilot come on the radio and said something I couldn't understand at the time, but found out later that it was something like "We are going to have to take a different route home.  The clouds have moved in so we will go low and around."  It's probably a good thing I had no idea what he said at the time... I'm thinking I would have had a heart attack!!  So I just closed my eyes...

And then for some reason I opened them... and just in time I might add... because I recognized where we were!!  I had visited this village about three years ago when this airstrip was just beginning to be built!!  I knew exactly where we were and started to enjoy the ride!

We finally came around the corner and could see Ridge Camp!!  We were very close to home!!

The road that takes you out of Tembagapura and up to the mine.

And then two minutes later we were on the ground at the helipad and I was soooooo, SOOOOO, very happy!!  And sooooo very thankful!!!  I was finally home!!

That was a week ago Thursday...  I leave again tomorrow (my Friday)!!

I fly too much!! ;D