Friday, August 18, 2017

Playing Farm Girl

There is nothing like the taste of summer during the winter months here in South Dakota!  This is one of the reasons you slave for a day "putting up" corn!  Yee Hawwww!!

Since I am just hanging out at mom and dads, waiting to take Marz to school, my baby brother told me I could come help with the process. At least I'm good for something! 😉😏

After two rangers full of ears of corn, Q-1 and team "put up" 155 quarts!!  That should last them through the long winters months! 

Here's the process... let me tell you, it's highly complicated... 😉

First you shuck the corn. No picture here as I skipped this part. I was very very busy cleaning up the lodge and talking to friends on the phone! 😉

After shucking, Q1 blanches the corn in his turkey fryers for approximately 3 minutes. Then he submerses the corn in a bath tub, aka baby pool, of water to cool off for the next step. 

Step three is cutting the kernels off the cob. No fingers were lost in this process!  😉. These are friends helping Q1 and Rock out. I actually used to babysit this guy!

Then it's time for the bagging, the most difficult and scientific part of this process.  That's why they gave it to Rock and me! 😉. Scoop some in a bag, squeez all the air out, zip up the bag, and press to lay flat. I'm telling you, exhausting work!! 😏

Ok, so most of that was true, well except for the exhausting work... 😉. We all kinda of took turns doing all the jobs, well except for the "blancher". Q1 wouldn't give up his power there. 😁.

I think this was my favorite part! Yes, I still do have all my fingers!

The end product. I'm not sure there will be enough...😂

As always, one of the things I like the most about coming home is to be able to help out the family with jobs like these. It brings back memories of childhood. Good times!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Number 1!

Finally!!!  I was finally on a winning 1st place golf team!!  After last years Underground Golf Tournament, and my teams horrible loss, I told the guys I was golfing with, that forget playing with the best golfers, I'm just going to play with "hot" guys from now on!!  At least when I lose the game, my time will not have been wasted... LOL!!!

Well, today, my time was not wasted and these guys are HOT ... but.... unfortunately, they all happen to be related!! 😏

On Thursday my brother kinda sorta told me that he, our dad, our cousin Stuart and our uncle Marion were to be in a golf tournament on Saturday, but the only problem was was that Marion may not be able to play because he hurt his back and was on crutches!!  But...he could MAYBE PLAY Saturday. Yah right!  Like that's going to happen...he's on crutches for crying out loud and it's Thursday!!  Well, I really wanted to play, so I thought that  maybe I'll just kick him in the shins and keep him down!! 😁. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for Marion, his back was still no good today!  And I didn't even have to kick him!!! 😉. 

Cripple and me after the tournament. 

My 1st place team!!!  Schlomer, Schlomer, Schlomer, and "Schlomer".

Our 18 hole score. Pretty impressive, right?  Yah, I forgot to mention this was a Big Cup tournament. The hole was 8 inches in diameter. It was a fun, fun day!! The winning only made it better. 😉

And now, the answer to the FB question, Longest Drive...  it actually ended in a tie... but I smashed the "you know what" out of the ball!  Yup me!! I drove it 220 yards, straight down the fairway. Well it was 220 after it was done rolling... but anyway I can get it, I take it!!! ☺️

Stuart and Q1 measuring the distance. Both balls were 89 yards from the hole!

And that's it folks!  I (we) finally won 1st!!  And I' m just going to say here, that I was not a hindrance to your team Stuart and Q1!!!  If it wasn't for my superior playing skills, you would have been hurting!!! 😁😁😁

Thanks guys!! Maybe after today you two will believe that I can actually play!! 😘😘😘

Sunday, August 6, 2017

1st Day Of School 2017!

Teddy's senior year!!  Amazing!!

I thought I better get these pictures up on the blog before to much time has gone by... I guess that's all I have these days... LOL! ;)

The next three photos are credited to Uncle Craig.

I think they are self explanatory. ;)

Yummy and her big brother.  Teddy is sporting his senior shirt and the white stripe on Gabby's shirt states that she is in middle school.

Mr. Grown Up with his cup of joe.  The yellow stripe means you are in High School.

Mom got a pic with her senior.

Gabby and her roommate Ty.  You may recognize Ty from other pictures through out the years... She is a Tembagapurian.  (I guess that's a word... not sure it's spelled right... ;))

So here we are already at the start of the 2017-2018 school year.  Guessing it will go as fast or faster than the last!!


Not sure why, but Heart's song, Alone, kept playing over and over in my head, as I was driven to the airport in Penang this morning...  

Well, maybe it was because I was alone. Yes, my fourth baby was dropped off at boarding school with her brothers this last week. Yes, it was hard, but I also know it will get easier everyday. 

I also know this, and some people may not agree with me, but that's ok... I know that ultimately God has a perfect plan for everyone. I trust Him. And because of that, it makes leaving a little easier. I am truly at peace with this decision.

Sure, I don't get to see my kids each and everyday, but I'm also not fighting with them as can happen with parents of teenagers. When we are together we have a great time catching up and it's more meaningful. Plus we have technology!  Technology has made it so easy to keep in touch and "see" them everyday if we so choose. 

Yes it is quite odd traveling with only one passport and one ticket, but many more trips I will take like this.  I am very lucky in the fact that I can go see the three youngest kids pretty much whenever I want...  Now seeing Marz this next year... that's another story altogether...  But a story for another post.

Our life, our family dynamics, are changing once again, as everyones does.  But we are no different than the next family... (Well, maybe not the family whose 30 year old is living in their parents basement... At least I pray that doesn't happen... ;))  The kids grow up, they move out.  Ours just happened to do it a few years a head of schedule!!  Who knew they were overachievers?!?!?  LOL!!!

PS  So if anyone of you who have read this post and see me in an airport in the future, come up and say hi...
I may be alone, but not lonely. :D

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Living Large

Some people believe that when we travel, we travel First Class all the way.  Well, this is indeed not true.  Last night we camped out in the HKG airport instead of getting a ridiculous priced hotel for a few hours.  This is the second year in a row we have done this.  It's almost like camping in the woods... almost... ;)

Summer 2017 - Recap

As I boarded the plane in Bismarck, North Dakota, July 27th, to take the three younger kids to school in Malaysia, I thought to myself "How on earth is the summer gone already???"

Then I looked at all the pictures on my phone and understood how/why it went by so fast!

Enjoy the bazillion pictures.... ;)

For some reason, I didn't get pictures from our first "event".  Hessy's 2nd birthday party!!  Maybe it was because were were fresh off the plane and a bit jet lagged!! ;)

Our first visitor!  Stormy!  An amazing woman and a very dear friend!  You don't get them any better than her!!

My first attempt at making Margaritas without help.  Major fail!!

I did just about kill her!!  Or maybe that was my dad... hmmm.... ;)

Marz landed her first job.

Did some fishing... But only ate it ONE time!!  Sheesh!

Gabby donated her hair to Locks Of Love.  

Father's Day!

Catechism Camp.  The kids got to reconnect with he pastor who baptized them!

While the kids were at CAT camp, I drove to Wyoming to see my Grandma and catch up with aunts and uncles and cousins.

I also took a little trip down memory lane and visited some places from when Chris and I first met...


First lived...

And don't forget this!! 

Then it was the 4th of July.  Always a busy time at home and one of the most fun.

Copious amounts of time with cousins!

Copious amounts of time with my parents and siblings!  

All five of us together doesn't happen often.

A few major rain storms.  It took a while, but they finally came.

This rainbow actually came before the 70 mile an hour hail storm!

This was another storm at night... nothing like trying to take down a flag pole with lightening all around you!!

My brother and family came home and surprised our parents!

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary!!

My other "brother" sent my parents live lobster to celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary.

LOL!!  Chris loved it!! ;)

Marz's graduation party.

Chris' parents visited

All our Godchildren were home at the same time.  Just didn't get a pic of everyone together... 

Ted took a few Senior pictures before he had to shave the chops off.

And then Ted thought he needed to get sick the day before we left!!  Thankfully no kidney stones, as they had thought, just an infection of some sort...

And then some other misc....
Gav's gardening

Marz doing some yoga with Trump.

Don't ask, don't tell??? ;)

And last, but not least.... Some "killing"... ;)

Ok, I'm tired!  Time for the shower in HKG.  Next summer, I think I'm going on vacation!! LOL!! :D