Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gavin Is Legal...

To drive that is... 

In South Dakota, because of all the under age driving of farm equipment, they made it legal to drive at the ripe old age of 14!  

Thank you Auntie Marge for helping Gav study and pass his test!!

Happy Birthday Chris!

Another year, another birthday spent away from the family. We try to not let this happen, but we needed Chris with us at the beginning of the break so we could get the kids their passports. So he was "stuck" with the guys having dinner at the Lupe. 

Love the name on the dessert!  
Chris always tells them not to write his name like that, but after 6+ years, they still haven't gotten it right. ;)

So from all of us to you... Happy Birthday!!! Love and miss you lots!! xoxo

And Then They Were Gone

After 4 days of non-stop fun, Auntie Marge and gang needed to pack up and head for their US home. 

But first, we still needed to squeeze in a little bit of river time. :)

Oh, and a little shoe modeling time in our pj's! ;). Man, we look HOT in the morning! :D

Back to the river...

Nothing says hanging out at the river more that... Pizza?!?!  Well, it was the only thing available and fast!  We had to get these guys on the road!

Beautiful family, beautiful Lake Oahe. 

Along with Chris' birthday, Auntie Marge and Ian celebrated their anniversary!

All the kids. It will be fun to drag this picture out the next time we all are together!

Our family... Maybe not by blood, but by what really matters!  

We love you guys!!! Thanks for coming and being "hicks" with us for a few days!

God bless you all!! xoxo

Independence Day!

After we were done shooting the guns and a bit of rest time, we went to Mobridge for the parade. This also was a first for Cali and Zane, they had never picked up candy off the street! :)

Proud of the Red, White, and Blue and of our men in uniform!

The gang. 

Margie had to show the kids what to do. :)

Ian getting Margie with some ice down the back. 
Note:  If you look closely, you see a big white mitt on Ian's hand. This is a warning for everyone... DO NOT light 11 sparklers at one time while holding the bunch only two inches from the top!  Never a good idea!

After the parade we all went to Great Uncle Vic's for a brat feed. 

And one for dad since he could not be with us. That darn job sometimes gets in the way! ;)

🇺🇸Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

Auntie Marge and Family!

A year ago, some of our dearest friends, left Tembagapura to go on to bigger and "better" things in Saudi Arabia.  We had them over every Monday night for dinner, or we would go to their house, didn't matter which, but we were with them at least once a week.  

This past year was lonely.  We tried to make up for the loss, but it just was never the same.  Wasn't bad, just never the same. :)  Crawfords, we love you too!!! :D

So Auntie Margie, aka Yvonne, and family decided that they need to come visit us and live the "hick" lifestlye for a few days. :)  

When they finally arrived at The Pheasant Cove, it was like we had never been away from each other!  We just really mesh as two families!  And let me tell you, Auntie Marge and I couldn't be further apart in most of our (political) ideas, but we get along so well.  She has become my younger sister!  

We are missing Cali, but all the girls together.

Margie and I collect Starbucks mugs.  She the new style and I the old.  I think I won on the collection this time as she was just in Amsterdam before coming to us. :)

The first morning snuggles with Zane and Cali.  I soooooo miss that!

Going to the park in our pj's!  Good thing they didn't get a pic of me! ;)

Zane and his best bud Ted... only because Gavin wasn't there...  He loves both the boys.

A DQ treat after the pool.

And that's only in the first 24 hours!!  Much much more to come! :)

Cattleman Ted

One of the things on Teddy's bucket list this summer was to help his Uncle Quintin farm.  He has been able to cut and bale hay and now he was able to help with the cattle.  

One thing Teddy learned, was never to volunteer to stand in the chute at the back of the calf...  You see, you have to push their rears to get them to move.  And when you push their rears, they want to shoot some bodily fluid you way!  Teddy learned fast, let me tell you!

Quintin on the "safe side" showing Ted how things work. :)

Teddy, you smell!  Just take your clothes off outside and we can burn them!  Well, not really... cow poop washes up well after the second and third wash! ;)

A Little 2nd Amendment Fun!

There is pretty much nothing better to do on Independence Day than to practice a little 2nd Ammentment right. 

Zane had been out a few times with the boys killing varmint, but he hadn't had a chance to just shoot a gun. And as far as I'm concerned, that is the only reason he came to visit us in SD! ;)

Margie, on the other hand, was a little intimidated with the guns, this being her first time, but she said she would give it a try. We are such a positive influence on our friends! :)  

Zane with the .22

Ted being the teacher/big brother gave Zane a bit of help when Zane became a little frustrated. 

Still too hard, so we put a blanket down to try to get Zane to have some success. 

Teacher Ted and Auntie Marge. She's a good student. :)

Mom's turn with the big scary AR!

Oh yeah, two bullets, two targets down!  :) Ok, ok, the red dot sight makes things way, way easier!

Liberal Margie loving the AR!  

Ted helping his sister out. He is so patient with everyone! Gabby has pretty good form. 

Not many people would appreciate this, however, we are some of those people who do not take this right for granted and will do everything in our power to keep the 2nd Ammendment alive and well!

God Bless You and God Bless America! 🇺🇸

Rodeo Time

If you come to Mobridge during the 4th of July celebrations, and don't take in the rodeo, you are missing out. 

So to extend Margie and family's "hick" experience, we took them to the rodeo on the 3rd. Margie and Ian had been to a rodeo once before, but their kids had not.   So it was a big time first for them!

Because we are still in small town South Dakota, the rodeo is started with prayer and the National Anthem. This year the flag was brought in by a ex-army soldier who was injured while doing a jump for the elite group The Golden Knights. He lost both of his legs but his friend that he collided with died. Dana now goes around the country giving motivational speeches and parachuting into events. 

Singing the National Anthem. 

The clown thought he would have some fun with Ted and threw some candy at Ted and then while Ted was looking up to catch the candy pieces, the clown sprayed Ted with the silly foam!  Ted was shocked!  Too funny!

The adults. My brother Shannon and his wife Lynette, Margie and Ian, and me. 

Zane was selected to mutton bust (ride a sheep). 

He didn't make it too long, but gave it a go. 

Everyone got a trophy...🙄

The best part: Bull riding!

The announcer with the awesome voice!

Mr Dana Bowman with the kids. What a special treat!

Love this!  Gavin has a true smile on his face!  Both the boys were in heaven being in the presence of an army hero!