Thursday, August 23, 2012

1st Day Of School - 2012

Since I haven't posted in a few days... Here is the kids on their first day of school! We now have an 8th, 7th, 5th and 3rd grader! How the time has passed! :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

International Traveler's

This photo is just to remind me one day of all the luggage we packed back to site from America. It took forever to check in and you should have seen all the looks we got from everyone! I used to worry about what people would say about all my kids and luggage.... Then I saw a couple, with NO kids, bring in luggage AND ten boxes of stuff! I quit worrying....!!!! Oh the joys of living in the jungle! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

South Dakota - State Capital

During our summer travels, the kids, my mom, my sister-in-law, and I decided to take the "long" way to the Black Hill and see a few things along the way.

Our first stop was in Pierre, our state capital.  We first stopped at the dam... but I don't have any pictures  of that... :)

Then we stopped at the capital.  

Outside the capital there is a memorial honoring all the military men and women who have served from South Dakota.

Next we went inside...

This last picture is of the floor.  Everyone of the workers who built the capital was given a light blue tile to place anywhere in the capital.  It is one of the "fun" things to look for when touring. :)
It's been awhile since I had last been to the capital... like I think I was in high school... so I was neat to go revisit and show the kids a part of SD history.

Next up...... The Badlands!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mount Rushmore

I always love spending time seeing Mount Rushmore whenever we are in the Hills.  I have probably been there a hundred times but is is still the best site to see no matter what!  This summer was the first time I took the kids to the "Lighting Ceremony". Since it doesn't get dark until 10 pm in the summer, it was a late night, but so worth it!


 The boys and cousin Jon.

 Mt. Zimmermore.... As my friend called it! :)

 They called all the military men and women, past and present, to go up on stage.  Here is the group of them who had the honor of taking down the flag that night!
 Good ole George as we were driving back to the camp ground that night.
Beautiful night.  Every American should see this wonderful site!  It never gets old!

God Bless the U.S.A.!