Friday, June 30, 2017

One For The Record Books

As many of you know, our boys will not be going to college right after High School, they will be going into the military.  Let me be more specific... The Army!  Is there anything else?? ;)   At least that's the plan for now...

On site we have a lot of friends, who have served our country, who have been very generous giving our boys advice on how to navigate their military service... get in/sign up, Ranger school, Special Forces, etc.  A few of the guys told the boys what the PT (physical training) requirements were for Ranger school.  So the boys got it in their head to to a 12 mile "ruck" march to train and to see if they could actually do it.  For those who do not know, a "ruck" march is just a 12 mile hike in full military gear with 25 lbs of weight in their backpacks. (Well at least I think it is...  I listen most of the time... ;))

Well they did it!  They ordered most of the gear to have it ready when they arrived from Malaysia.  They geared up and left the lodge, one Friday morning, at 4 a.m., a little before sun up.

Everything went as planned until they got about a mile out from Glenham.  There were some nasty mean bulls in a field just across from where our land is.  The bulls didn't like the camo covered soldiers, so they started huffing and puffing and staring down the boys.  The boys thought to avoid a mishap with the bulls they would jump our fence and walk the field back to town.  Avoid the bulls!

It just so happens that as the camo covered "soldiers" jumped the fence a car drove by on the highway.  Well, you can just imagine what they were thinking, in this heightened state of alert we live in... At least I can... "Why in the heck do we have "military" boys sneaking around the fields of Glenham SD?? Are we under attack???  Are they actually not Americans, but intruders into this country???"  I'm sure there were way more thoughts than that!!!  Anyway, the concerned citizen of Walworth county, did their civic duty and notified the county Sheriff!!

The boys are just arriving back in Glenham when the Deputy Sheriff "pulls them over"!!  "Are those weapons loaded?"  "No ma'am" and they showed her.  "What are you boys up to?" "Well, we are training to go in the military and we decided to do a 12 mile ruck march, For. The. Fun. Of. It!!" "Oh, ok boys.  We got a call of suspicious activity and needed to check up on it.  How old are you?" "Seventeen and fifteen." "Oh, ok.  Well you can go."  And the boys finished their "walk" home.

The suspicious "activity" finishing up.

They were a bit tired but look great and just a little tough. ;)

And then this...  I knew since the Sheriff was called, they would make the newspaper and be famous!!  Well, I was not disappointed!  My sister-in-law found it and sent it to me.

Read Friday, June 16, 7:27 a.m.

I'm pretty sure these boys are already legends!  You don't do this and make the paper in small town America without people talking and rumors flying the moment the "concerned citizen" got off the phone with the dispatcher. LOL!!  I still laugh every time I think of them doing this!

So for all of you in Walworth county who are curious...  These American boys, who lived in Indonesia and now in Malaysia, who visit Glenham for two months every summer, are not terrorists.  The are just good ole Americans who want to take serving their country serious and are ready to get things started!


  1. I love this, just like their dad. Oh, Robin...never a dull moment. I too, laugh looking at their picture. Good kids.
    Love to all, Auntie Lu

    1. These boys have quite the imagination and drive! Can't wait to see what they do in their future! Love you! xoxo